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  1. GT-R Ownership
    haha, don't freak out... hear me out... almost 3 months of ownership now... and after 1 month of ownership i decided to bite the bullet and start daily driving my GTR despite my OCD to keep it a garage queen... fast forward almost 2 months to today and I'M SO ADDICTED to driving my GTR! i drive...
  2. Newbie Intro
    I don't own a GTR but its my dream car and hope to own one some day. I'm needing some real world numbers on upkeep. I don't plan to every track this justgeneral upkeep Brakes, tires, fluids ect what dues it really take to keep this car up and going. if you have part #'s or any info that...
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Hi everyone, first post Own a '12 GT-R with 45k KM on it. ( not sure in miles ) Use it as a DD only putting about 10-25 KMS a day, sometimes not even using it. The car gets tracked once a month or sometimes 2 months. Really curious how maintenance will rack up. Oil, transmission fluids...
  4. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Figured I made a video to show how it works, pretty simple but sure is going to come handy! Thanks to [email protected] for sending me this TCM tune. Enjoy
  5. Other Vehicles
    Those of you who follow me on here know I'm a serial car buyer, and love high performance cars (see my signature element). Currently I have an '08 Pontiac G8 GT that I've cloned into an '09 Holden Commodore SSV, and a Livernois engine build, putting 432 HP to the rear wheels. Great daily driver...
  6. Suspension & Tires
    Can someone please point me to a thread or sticky, containing a discussion of tires for non-tracked GT-R's? I currently have Blizzaks on my '14, but when it's time to put Summers back on, I don't want to use my existing Dunlops. Thanks!
  7. Other Vehicles
    I really like the look of the latest 981 model of the Cayman S... finally a bit less 'ovoid' in shape, and still widely regarded as one of the best handling cars by the rags. I've been looking for a fun daily driver, and I've gone through multiple SUV choices (FX45, X5 - 4.8is), an E92 6mt M3...
  8. Other Vehicles
    Here's the situation. I've owned a '11 Vagon with Recaros since January of this year, and love it. It does everything I've asked of it, it's very comfotable, and I like its creature comforts. Not as fast as my GT-R, but that's apples and oranges. Anyway, just had an offer on a home accepted, so...
1-8 of 8 Results