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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    For Sale - Brand new 2 x front brake disc rotors (pair of front rotors). Details - I have 2 front DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) 52302BLKS rotors (5000 T3 series) for sale. Brand new and in the box with all papers. I had these before and they are a huge improvement over OEM. Please check the...
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    I am selling a pair of front hats in very good condition. I have no use for them. I will be including misc hardware used to mount the disc to hat. There is not enough hardware to mount the discs. I am throwing the hardware in for free. Hopefully someone has a need for them. I'm asking $60...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Switzer-prepared GTR Nissans have been known to accelerate from a standstill to over 160 mph in less than 9 seconds. They've been clocked going from 60-130 quicker than you can catch your breath, and they can go much faster than 220 mph, if your road (and your nerve) allow. Going, then, is not a...
1-3 of 3 Results