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  1. Drag
    Hey guys, got called out by an Aventador SV for a drag race lol. I've never taken my car to drag before, or launched my car post going FBO (yes, super careful on my trans/clutch & worried to damage it). but since it's an SV.. I might just do it!! I need a couple of advice. I switched from...
  2. GT-R Build Threads
    I really enjoyed this customer and his project very much. I must say It's always fun when you get a call from a super smart guy that has built and tuned his own cars for years, requesting you to take on his own R35 project start to finish. I love helping people of all experience levels, but it...
  3. R35 GT-R
    It looks like the tuner needs to dial in the launch control and fix the shifting issue.
  4. Other Vehicles
    Reaction time is everything when it's a close race. No sleeping at the line.
  5. Drag
    FBO e87 setup on NTO5R. New personal best set at Texas Motorplex Feb 27, 2016 Tuned by Ben Linney 60' - 1.550 330 - 4.285 1/8 - 6.571 mph - 107.63 1000 - 8.553 1/4 - 10.223 mph - 136.95 I actually had a faster trap on another run but slower time. I did a 137.75mph as well. We have ran this...
  6. Drag
    At the Street Car Drags event this past weekend I had a chance to run a C7 Z06 with a tune, CIA & drag radials. I trapped 132.4mph with just my own tune and an AAM resonated midpipe. The rest of the car is stock down to the paper filters. What's the point of putting downpipes on these cars...
  7. Drag
    I decided to take a trip to Palm Beach Raceway (PBIR) tonight since they will have limited test & Tune nights for the remainder of 2015. I uninstalled my Cobb tune so the car was stock. The weather was crappie. 81 degree's and the DA was 1600. I decided to up my rear tire pressure to 30psi...
  8. Drag
    Hey guys! Got to back to the track today, wasn't any cooler, but track prep a little better... and in the heat... dropped another tenth! Here are the vids with Slips at the end, first video is from my Dad's 2015 Z-06/Z07 PDR recorder, and second one is my in car GoPro view...
  9. R35 GT-R
    Last week I took my car to Palm Beach Raceway to test my latest tune. I have a 2013 with a midpipe, MPSS tires and I tuned it myself running 93 octane. I think my car has a high 10.4 in it when the weather cools down and I up the launch rpm a bit. I need to get my 60 foot in the 1.5's and the...
  10. California
    I will be running on sunday. Who is going? Driving or trailering?
  11. R35 GT-R
    Nice Alpha 16 at PBIR running high 8's. At PBIR. Cool weather.
  12. GT-R Media
    Welcome to the 200 club, Jon! Crazy to think that only a few years ago 200mph in the mile was a big deal. Now we have cars knocking it out in half that distance. Noteworthy, it was only at about 85% power, or on the 6th map or so, making around 1300-1400whp, no launch and with very invasive...
  13. Wheels & Tires
    *Just arrived!!* Yokohama Advan GT in 18x12 +27, 18x11 +15/30 Available in Semi Gloss Black or Hyper Black w/ Machine lip! I can also get tires from NT05R, NT01, NT555R, or any other Track Tire you may be interested in! PM me for any questions you may have! Dayne Acute Performance
  14. GT-R Media
    Both Cars: Exhaust and Tune only. GTR MY09 / 997 MY08 TipTronic 30-190mph
  15. Engine & Drivetrain
    We have a freshly built Shep Stage 4 transmission ready to be shipped! Transmission is currently still at Shep and can be shipped world wide. Price is $26,000 plus core, or $30,000 without core In Addition to the standard Stage 4 build, this transmission has the Upgraded Dodson Trans Pan...
  16. GT-R Media
    Hey everyone I have another video for your enjoyment, even better than the last one in my opinion. Also I have at least 5 runs of the AWD Motorsports GTR w/ multiple angles that I am editing now, should be out by the weekend. Thanks for watching, Feel free to subscribe, like, comment. I...
  17. GT-R Media
    August 16-18th 2013, Norwalk, OH Every year the DSM/Evo Shootout is always an awesome time, and this year it has officially been opened up to GT-Rs as well! Just wanted to share a few photos of GT-Rs at last year's event to get everyone psyched, and see who will be coming out to the event to...
  18. GT-R Media
    Hey everyone just wanted to share a video I got of a nice GTR laying down a solid 9 second run. Thought you all might enjoy the sights and sounds of a clean GTR. Feel free to check out my new channel, and stay tuned because I have a bunch of GTR track videos I will be posting throughout the...
1-20 of 28 Results