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  1. GT-R Media
    Here is the most powerful Drag GTR in the world , modified by Alpha Drag Team. with 3300 Horsepower and it can reach 228 MPH ! Watch this video to know more about it : Alpha Queen GTR
  2. Drag
    After getting used to my last setup of the Linney EFR6758R 800whp setup i decided to step things up a little in pursuit of the ultimate street car. In Sydney, 800whp just does not cut it any more especially with so many monster 1000+hp R32/R33/R34 GTRs and 800hp EVOs getting around the...
  3. Drag
    4/7 and 4/21. Anyone going? Just had my FBO/e85 completed and looking to get some time on the track. Any tire pressure suggestions for stock rims on MPSS? Thanks!
  4. Drag
    **Work in Progress** Unlimited Class Only: -includes top and front mount set ups. -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR4 #1 - [email protected] - Extreme Turbo Systems Built/Tuned by Extreme Turbo Systems 1.208' (syvecs); 1/8th = 4.606 @ 171.26mph; Pickup = 51.67mph ETS Front Facing 8385 Turbo Kit, ETS...
  5. Drag
    Unofficial pics and updates for 2k18. I'll be there and will try to keep this updated.
  6. Drag
    **Scroll down to see stock turbo and stock ecu times.** Tuned Stock Turbos: -for now lets keep this class the same as the events have it, which I believe is stock turbo only with bolt ons. -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR1 #1 - 8.909 @ 152.73 mph - Alpha Princess aka brookeberini AMS Performance...
  7. Drag
    Stock Manifold aka Modified Class Only: -for now lets keep this class as stock manifold with a limit of 58mm inducer. -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR2 #1 - 7.778 @ 178.89mph T1R Build Mitch Micheals (***current stock manifold record***) Elite prime turbos GT1R Stage 4 build stock crank and block. 3.8...
  8. Drag
    AfterMarket Manifold Class Only: -aka stock location aftermarket manifold class -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR3 #1 - 6.725 at 218.27 MPH -- T1 Race Development Build ( Owner: George Dodworth, sevenspeed @lasergeorge ) 1.191 60' -- 1/8th = 4.477 at 173.47 MPH -- Pickup = 44.8mph 4.3L AMS Billet...
  9. Drag
    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for over a year now, finally picked up a built motor 2009 with GTX3076 turbos, cams, etc.. Previous owner consistently ran mid to low 9's with it on the West Coast. It has an RPM 6 point cage already. The drag strips here (Maine/NH) are NHRA, and...
  10. Drag
    Hoosier makes the 17" and M & H recently came out with the 28X10.5X18 ( which can be run on all 4). What's the best short time to expect from either of these before switching brakes and running 15's in the rear?
  11. The Lounge
    nice vid, and modded gtr trumps all.
  12. North East
    Beast Coast Summer Showdown July 2th
  13. Wheels & Tires
    We've got some brand-spanking new Volk Racing Wheels in stock and ready to blow out! Need some 20" street wheels or 18" Drag wheels? We've got you covered in Diamond Black Glory! Ready to ship out today! Free Shipping and 10% off with the coupon code "Volk10" Volk TE37 Ultra - 20x10 +30 /...
  14. Drag
    Car is a 2011 stock motor/tranny with the following... Intake: USM Turbos Boost Logic FMIC Boost Logic 3" Non-Recirculating Turbo Inlet Pipes GotBoost 3" Wrinkle Black Intakes GotBoost 3" IC Piping Kit GotBoost Catch Can Kit Tial BOVs Exhaust: AMS Down Pipes HKS...
  15. Drag
    hi i have a 1020bhp gtr which i will use in the street and drag race , which rims and tyres setup are the best when drag racing
  16. Drag
    hi i have just finish tuning my gtr which is ruining 1020bhp on the crank , i want to start using it for mostly drag racing and street, what rims size and tires are the best suited for me , any help will be appreciated
  17. Drag
    Huge Thank You to IPAlpha and IPVic from Induction Performance for setting me up a flawless running FBO street car. Today is my last day as FBO and It went off beautifully. Tomorrow, I finally get my Alpha 9 turbos installed. Today I ran a new PB of 10.15 @ 132.84 and 10.16 @ 133.96. Car is...
  18. Wheels & Tires
    In need of the perfect lightweight set of wheels for the track, time attack, or drag strip? Then look no further than the all new Volk ZE40's! Forged Performance is one of the largest Volk and Advan dealers in the country and we're here to serve members. We've got the knowledge and...
  19. Southeast
    We finally have a rain date for our February Track Rental! After reviewing the schedule with the BMP staff we decided to go with Saturday April 23rd 1-6pm and following the rental BMP will have Street Heat (local no prep test & tune) Spots will be limited to 50 cars (Maximum) and are filling up...
1-20 of 71 Results