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  1. Track
    First, I would like to mention that my 2013 GTR is 100% stock and is my daily driver. I do track it from time to time. I am wondering weather I can enjoy the car a little bit more, in the snow for instance. My questions is, can I use the e-brake to induce a slide or should I only "play" with...
  2. California
    Hey All, Tomorrow there is an exclusive track day at Willow Springs. Big Willow is rented out for the day along with the Balcony track. We are going to have special guest Daijiro Yoshihara there driving with us and giving drifting lessons (for free!). There are only 25 participants allowed, so...
  3. GT-R Media
    I think I've seen this GT-R on here, or one very similar to it (snow camo & black headlights) Anyways, enjoy! (sorry, if repost )
  4. California
    Hello to all my GT-R colleagues. Who will be attending the show on April 13th in Long Beach? I will be show casing my 2010 Wide Body GT-R built by Auto Explosion. I hope to see you all at the show !!! John Hoffman p.s. I am attaching a sneak peak
  5. Non GT-R Forsale
    After much debate I decided to sell my S14. This car passed Formula D tech for 2012 I forget what the Chassis number it has is but I'll take some pics tomorrow. Here is what you get 1997 Nissan 240sx Engine and Drivetrain 1995 Lexus 1uzfe v8 Port and polished heads with upgraded springs...
  6. Other Vehicles
    Thought we'd share this you guys, this is our demo drift car that is still in its R&D stages.... Video 1 and 2 ( naturally aspirated ) Video 3 and 4 ( Boosted ) [media]
  7. Track
    Visit http://www.thoroughc...etition-signup/ for additional details and to register online! Current Registered Drivers List: Grip Intermediate: Anthony M. Armondo S. David J. Bruce H. Ray D. Robert A. Vespan M. Fernando R. Drift Intermediate: Jesse R. Justin C. Brian A. Robert A. Grip...
  8. California
    I just found this thread on Zilvia. Apparently, a big track is i the works:
1-8 of 8 Results