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  1. GT-R Ownership
    haha, don't freak out... hear me out... almost 3 months of ownership now... and after 1 month of ownership i decided to bite the bullet and start daily driving my GTR despite my OCD to keep it a garage queen... fast forward almost 2 months to today and I'M SO ADDICTED to driving my GTR! i drive...
  2. West
    Some of us are going for a drive tomorrow. I posted it up on the Facebook group, but if some of you aren't on there you're all more than welcome to join us. Since it's the first drive of the season it's not too long and we've chosen to stay on the west side of the mountains. We'll be meeting at...
  3. California
    Hey Cali!!!! For those of you not on the SOCAL/NORCAL Facebook pages where this has already been posted. We are going to be doing a GTR Invasion to the Motor 4 Toys Charity Toy Drive in Woodland hills on Sunday December 1st. Please bring a new,unwrapped toy valued at least 10 dollars as well...
  4. Mid Atlantic
    Are there any places around DC/MD/VA, or remotely close, where I can pay to drive a GT-R on a track? Or rent one for a few hours? I know Cali and Vegas has places, but I haven't had any luck finding such places around here. I'd like to get this for my husband's birthday. Any info would help!
  5. California
    SAVE THE DATE! Saturday April 20th CRESCENT CUP RALLY Crescent Cup Rally is coming! The first automotive scavenger hunt in the Bay Area. This event is open to all makes and models of cars! We'll be having all sorts of cars out there, from S2Ks and Acuras, to Vipers and Ferarris, so invite any...
1-5 of 5 Results