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  1. Engine
    hey guys, just another comparison review that might help someone with choosing midpipes. I recently had a weird incident with my 4yr old Cobb midpies that suddenly detached overnight (claims to be from salt/rust build up) more info in this thread...
  2. Engine
    Just wanted to point this out for others who drive in winter ...salts!! Basically, 2 days ago when starting the car and driving at low speeds, the car sounded much much more louder with a hell lot of drone. I've had this setup for 4 years now (2 years in boston/new york"snow", 2 yrs in saudi "no...
  3. Engine
    Been running the same setup for 3 years now fbo. Lately, ive been noticing my exhaust sounds deeper & louder (in a good way) when starting the car or when driving at low speeds. Car is running fine, no cel, leaks, cuts etc.. Took a video doing small revs , and heard âpop popâ sounds. Felt like...
  4. Engine
    Need some recommendations on reducing or eliminating the drone from my exhaust. I have stock downpipes, HKS resonated midpipe, and the Greddy PE-R stainless catback. I have dynamat installed throughout the trunk. The drone is horrible at freeway speeds and even somewhat annoying at idle...
  5. Exhaust
    Speed By Design's 90mm MONSTER Resonated Midpipe The best defense against annoying exhaust drone, this midpipe features our monster resonator, the largest resonator on the market, and thick wall piping for maximum drone suppression. Full SS304L stainless steel construction, including flanges...
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1-6 of 6 Results