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  1. Interior & Exterior
    Finally did it after thinking about it for a year! JCR / Revo Combo -JCR Swan Neck GT Wing (Gloss Carbon) -RevoZport DN Trunk (Gloss Carbon - double sided) r
  2. Interior & Exterior
    I might be considering to order the: JCR GT WING with the Revo DN Trunk, but can't decide if I should go with the 3rd brake light option on the trunk. Most photos im finding with that combo is without the 3rd light, and would love to see how it would look like. Does anyone have any photos...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    I'm considering to order this Rexpeed Trunk Spoiler ( I'm just worried that If I install it and decide to remove it, I might damage my 3M CF trunk wrap. Any wrap experts want to chime in with advice on sticking adhesive 3m on a 3m...
  4. Exterior & Interior
    Oem 2018 rear wing in red (color code is A54) very good condition, on the car for less than a year. It does have one scuff mark 3/4 inch long on the rear bottom that can't been seen while on the car (see pics) Doesn't include rear brake light. $415 Cash, PayPal preferred. Pickup in Mansfield Tx...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    I'm obsessing over the JCR GT wing with the revozport duckbill trunk! The second wing i'm loving is the Varis Hyper Narrow GT (more towards the JCR) Is there a duckbill trunk including the trunk 3rd taillight that would fit with the JCR wing? (i think Revo had one but lights kept going out)...
  6. Interior & Exterior
    hello! i have a question, and i hope that maybe someone with knowledge on the subject can give me an answer: do duckbill trunks have any affect on aerodynamics, positive or negative? some people have told me that it's all aesthetic and has zero impact on the vehicles aero, and others have...
  7. Interior & Exterior
    so i love the rocket bunny body kit, and i love this custom duckbill spoiler that goes with it. Although, i do not have a widebody kit on my GTR and im wondering if buying this spoiler would look dumb on a non-widebody GTR or if i could pull it off. Opinions?
  8. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Revozport JCR Carbon Fibre DN Trunk with LED (Double Sided) Details - Trunk was on for approximately 50 miles. No damage or scratches at all. It is the matte carbon fiber finish. Reason for Selling - Sold vehicle Shipping - Local pick up or Shipping to Continental US only...
  9. Exterior & Interior
    Details - Condition : Used for 2k miles Material : Carbon Fiber Fits 2008-2014 Nissan GTR R35 only - Fits Great Reason for Selling - Sold the GTR took it back to stock before selling it. Shipped Payment - Paypal (fee paid by buyer)
  10. WTB
    Anyone got a used one they want to get rid of? Will also consider pretty much anything carbon fiber (front lip, skirts etc) just tell me what you have.
  11. Interior & Exterior
    Hi All, I'm rather new to the GTR community, but jumped on a chance to purchase an Alpha 9+ car from a local professional race car driver. I've had a perpetual smile on my face for the past few months and have been slowly making needed cosmetic improvements to the car; one of which included...
  12. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Revozport carbon fiber duckbill trunk Details - I recently purchased a 2010 GTR with the Revozport installed. Car's seller told me he purchased the trunk from a local seller here in Milwaukee. Besides that, I honestly don't know much about the origins of the trunk. There are a few...
  13. Interior & Exterior
    I know Andy from UK was the first with the Midnight Purple wrap, but I believe I am the first in the US. Here are some hi-res pics of the wrap and GTC Duckbill Trunk. This was wrapped by Mike Messner from Detailz Auto in Reading, PA. Enjoy. More photos at...
  14. Interior & Exterior
    Hello guys, I just installed my new GTC CF Duckbill trunk I got from Ben at GTC and I am very happy with the product. I have to say that the quality is excellent and the fitment is spot on. It came in a matte finish but since all of my CF parts are gloss, I put a clear coat over it. Here are...
  15. Exterior & Interior
    Hi Everyone, I have the RevoZport Carbon Fiber Duckbill Trunk Lid Non-LED version coming in in the next 2-3 weeks. This is the new batch that has no fitment problems. I am now taking refundable deposits so if they don't arrive within that time frame, you have the option of a full refund. Let...
  16. WTB
    I'm looking to purchase a trunk lid without a factory or aftermarket wing. Prefer oem or duckbill, carbon is last and must have no spoiler holes. Let me know what you have and how much you are asking. Gun Metal is a bonus.
  17. Interior & Exterior
    Thanks to GT-RR, the trunk has arrived today. Teaser pic attached... notice anything unique??? Hope to have it installed along with a few other goodies by end of week.
1-17 of 17 Results