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  1. Engine
    Last Thursday took the car out, suddenly weather got really bad super DUSTY. I was driving normal.. avoiding flooring/boost. anyways a mile before arriving to my destination a Camaro SS pulls up and wants to roll so what the hell lol. threw it on 2nd and floored it hard, until the boost gauge...
  2. AccessTUNER
    A year ago, Jan 2019, I had the exact same issue (tunes have expiry dates LOL??). Here to ask what you guys think about this. My tuner is informed. (I'm on Full bolt ons, Gas is 95RON) Long story short: Tuner believes problem isn't in the tune, because the car is pulling timing more, even...
  3. Engine
    Still waiting to hear back from my Tuner, but wanted to share this with you guys..maybe someone spots the main problem. I have a 2014 FBO, Alpha 7...I moved back home a year ago from USA to KSA, where I used 93octane mostly. I barely filled e85, I have the flexfuel kit, as well as ASNU 330lph...
1-3 of 3 Results