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  1. Test General/Tech Forum
    I am searching for a ECU for my proyect, its a skyline R33 with rb26DET, single turbo, my goal is to make 400 hp max, and its a non Racing car its for the streets only. Has someone use an ecu from Fueltech?
  2. EcuTek
    Do we have someone that knows how the ecutek bluetooth plug n play works.. Detailed video cause I was under the impression the sound can change when connected to it us that true? or is there a how to video.. someone could share - I would highly appreciate it...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Any info on when will a tuning option be available for 2019 GTRs? Either it be Cobb or EcuTek. Thanks in advance!
  4. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hi Everyone, Need your help! I have a 2010 GT-R, Built motor, supporting mods, Shep 2.5 transmission and running on EcuTek, 47k miles. No drag, launch, etc. Everything runs fine, but sometimes the car doesn't recognize that it's in Park. Even though the shifter and transmission is in Park...
  5. Engine
    hello, i'm hoping someone here can help. i'm trying to tap into some wiring that plugs into the ECU. when i remove the wiring harness from the ECU, within the cabin, it seems that the harness has a hood-like piece that slides off, however i am unable to remove it. does anyone know how to...
  6. Engine
    hello! can anyone tell me where to find a pinout diagram for an r35? i'm looking for the ecu diagrams that map out what each pin is connected to. thanks!
  7. EcuTek
    Ecu Connect Dashboards are now available for free on IOS and Android app (ECU Connect). Even if you don't have ECUtek you can download and install the ECU Connect app for free and use it in demo mode. Info on how to make your own or install dashboards (.edf) can be found here...
  8. EcuTek
    Found out this morning that Ecutek is looking for beta testers. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  9. EcuTek
    As per Ben's facebook post... EcuTek just released new Phase 5.2 a total of 5 custom parameters are available. we quite like - 1. adjustable boost 1st gear 2. adjustable boost 2nd gear 3. Traction control low-high (enabled on via suspension) 4. Throttle sensitivity low-high input 5...
  10. EcuTek
    Good news. From Ben's website..... ECU connect iPhone App is now live on the App Store! We are taking pre orders now for the Bluetooth Ecutek vehicle interface kit with pre-orders at $350, release from December 7th.
  11. EcuTek
    Greetings! Im an automotive service mechanic by profession and by choice ( I loved motorsports since I was a child) and because my family didn't have the means to buy one, specifically a performance automobile because I really wanted to become a race car driver (or at the very least be able to...
  12. Engine
    Hey Guys, I recently got a HKS legamax exhaust and Greddy downpipes and y-pipe. After I got it installed I got the service engine light. So I got a Cobb ACCESSPORT V3 and I wondering if anyone got any suggestions on what Map I should? It would be a lot of help, thanks.
  13. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    I just wanted to give a very positive and glowing review of Ben Linney of GTC/Linney Tuning. I hooked up with Ben after I bought my Ecutek and a better tuner/guy/GTR knowledgeable guy, there is none!! Ben got my 93 octane tune completely straightened out quickly, efficiently and to my total...
  14. Engine & Transmission
    For Sale - Twin Turbo setup PROEFI 128 ECU KIT Details - I installed ProEFI on my Z32 and only ran the system for a few start-ups and a quick 20 minute drive. All of the sensors where responding appropriately on the gauge and laptop software. You will need to purchase a GTR specific harness...
  15. Engine & Transmission
    FOR SALE: COBB AccessPort V2 with NIS-006 TCM Control (for 2014 GTR models) Uninstalled and Unmarried. Excellent condition, updated and works flawlessly. Includes AccessPort, protective case, OBD cable, instruction manual, and stickers. Selling for $600 or BO. Buyer pays for shipping and...
  16. Suspension & Tires
    Recently I noticed the 'R' switch for my suspension was not working. Took the car into my tech and he changed out the switches for a new switch unit and the 'R' switch for the suspension is still not engaging. All the other switches work. He said I need the Suspension Controller ECU (part...
  17. AccessTUNER
    hi guys! i would like first to introduce myself. i'm a proud gtr owner who lives in manila, philippines. i have a 2010 model gtr. and of course a big fan of our forum but i am more of a reader than the one who replies alot. i am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge i have gained here and i...
  18. Engine & Drivetrain
    :: Cobb Tuning AccessPORT V3 :: In stock and ready to ship! Cobb Tuning AccessPORT Version 3 - $950.00 with FREE SHIPPING The AccessPORT is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your GT-R. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing...
  19. Engine
    I'm interested in people's opinions on moving from Cobb to EcuTek given its a current popular topic.
1-20 of 25 Results