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  1. Engine
    I purchased an alpha 7 kit direct from AMS including a cobb access port only to find out after I received all the parts that Cobb still hasn't completed the base maps for 2018 GTR's. Ive called a couple local shops in utah and they are all saying I just need to wait for cobb. Cant Ecutek tune...
  2. AccessTUNER
    I always like to have the AP active whenever I'm driving. Especially when I had issues with my previous tune throwing codes and limp safety. I do the 6 view layout: Boost RPM Limp status Dynamic Adv. STFT B1,B2 What's yours and what do you like to monitor the most?
  3. Engine & Transmission
    For sale Ecutek Bluetooth Dongle, Cable and USB key. All in like new condition. $450 shipped or local cash pickup.
  4. R35 GT-R
    Another week another build! The beautiful car came to us from Kentucky. It previously had already been to Atlanta for a build but was brought to us with a hurt engine for diagnosis. It was already an Alpha9 with some very good supporting mods so we can't take credit for the entire build. The...
  5. Engine & Transmission
  6. Engine & Transmission
    For sale Ecutek cable, Bluetooth, and USB key in excellent condition SOLD Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping cost
  7. R35 GT-R
    We are ending 2017 with a special 20% off our GTR Flex Fuel Kit. Follow this link to automatically activate the discount code HAPPYNEWYEAR If you already have our Flex Fuel Kit and looking for something else, no problem! Shoot us a email...
  8. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Hello, I used LC in damp conditions the other day and had a lot of traction loss. I received the clutch temp high AWD warning even though my trans temps were at NOR. Afterward the warning went away after waiting the car has no warnings or codes but when highway driving the car lurches forward...
  9. R35 GT-R
    It's that time of the year again! Please email [email protected] if you're are looking for discounts on more than one item!
  10. EcuTek
    It's finally out!! Took this from the Linney site just now.
  11. EcuTek
    Ecu Connect Dashboards are now available for free on IOS and Android app (ECU Connect). Even if you don't have ECUtek you can download and install the ECU Connect app for free and use it in demo mode. Info on how to make your own or install dashboards (.edf) can be found here...
  12. EcuTek
    Hello all, in an effort to constantly learn (i've done a search and the information was minimal) I was curious on how the 12 injector setup really performs. It seems like people are moving away from the large 2000s injector to go 12 to give them that smooth idle on 91/93. I think it can...
  13. EcuTek
    Found out this morning that Ecutek is looking for beta testers. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  14. EcuTek
    hello everyone! Just wanted to post about a new tool that was released into ProECU yesterday - The AirBag DTC Tool! Yes that's correct, EcuTek can now clear the airbag light - something COBB has always been able to do btw. This doesn't disable the airbag light, just give you a way to clear...
  15. Engine & Drivetrain
    Introducing the TSM 580whp Power Package for the R35 Nissan GT-R! Looking for a little extra power for your stock GT-R? TSM has the answer without compromising on quality or reliability. Our packages include all the parts necessary to make the power - just add a tuning solution and you're all...
  16. Engine & Transmission
    Sold Payment: Paypal from verified accounts only. Reason: I no longer have the car. Note: You will need to purchase an ECUTEK license from a authorized tuner. This sale is just for the ECUTEK cable and dongle.
  17. EcuTek
    Hi Guys, My car had been parked for over 3 months and i noticed that it is slightly jerky when accelerating in all gears, i have attached a log accelerating in 4th and 5th gear, im not sure if i got some bad fuel ( vpower i usually add some nf race octane after every 5 fill ups), the car has...
  18. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    So I upgraded my build and had to switch to Bosch 2150 injectors as I now have 274 cams/springs to go with my HTA 3076 aftermarket manifold turbo kit. I already knew that tuning the 2150's for pump gas was going to be challenging as I had them before when I was running stock manifold GT30's. I...
  19. EcuTek
    As per Ben's facebook post... EcuTek just released new Phase 5.2 a total of 5 custom parameters are available. we quite like - 1. adjustable boost 1st gear 2. adjustable boost 2nd gear 3. Traction control low-high (enabled on via suspension) 4. Throttle sensitivity low-high input 5...
  20. EcuTek
    Good news. From Ben's website..... ECU connect iPhone App is now live on the App Store! We are taking pre orders now for the Bluetooth Ecutek vehicle interface kit with pre-orders at $350, release from December 7th.
21-40 of 202 Results