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  1. North East
    Hi all, I live in the Boston area and my inspection is due this January. Anyone have some good recommendations for places to get your state inspection and to pass the emissions test? I currently have stock downpipes, Hks midpipe and Hks legamax. I'm considering adding downpipes (later), but I...
  2. Engine
    Saw this on the frs forums Another vtune bites the dust. Sorry to see this. I really liked your car. Hope you get it back in good health. Any reason in particular you think the motor let go?
  3. Engine
    I have laid out everything chronologically to the best my memory serves me. December 8th TNT Drag Wednesday, January 2nd Grenade Preface: This story has been carefully thought out and written for all solemnly to help others not feel and share the same expensive fait I have the last several...
  4. GT-R Media
    Stumbled upon this today.
1-5 of 5 Results