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  1. Other Vehicles
    I had my C63 for about 3 years and it was time to say goodbye. I went back and forth between getting an R8 or a C7Z - could not decide on which one and after driving several still could not make up my mind. A friend of mine contacted me as she was getting a new to her, 458 spyder. She had an...
  2. GT-R Media
    I thought I'd share this with you guys. Both car won their respective class at Global Time Attack: GT-R: 1st place in limited AWD 458: 1st place in unlimited RWD
  3. Other Vehicles
    Ferrari 458 Italia One of the most impressively built and very well respected exotics available is the Ferrari 458. As with the finer things in life, Ferrari allows you to configure your Ferrari as you would like when you place an order. Featured this week, is a Blu Maribeau 458 Spider...
  4. Other Vehicles
    http://www.rmauction...ake=&lot=&year= The Pinnacle Portfolio - An Unrepeatable Opportunity RM Sotheby's flagship Monterey sale, held during the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance week, continues to raise the bar for collector car auctions year after year. This annual auction event...
  5. GT-R Media
    Yup you read that right, Brand new Z06 already on the streets Not the best race but you can tell the z06 was pulling on the last race, FBO GT-Rs have nothing to worry about vs. a stock one, now one with mods might be a problem.
  6. Other Vehicles
    " We would like one 430 Scuderia for Wes Hanson and one 458 Italia for Marissa Wright, please. We would like to do the tour before lunch, since we are driving to Milan in the afternoon. " Well, emailed anyways! We're headed to Italy for our honeymoon and spending two days in Maranello to visit...
  7. GT-R Media
    Just sharing an old video that I recently uploaded, there was a GTR in our group but was staying in the back the whole time..
  8. Other Vehicles
    Maybe a sacrilege for Ferrari purists, but the noise the car makes is insane imo: The unedited validation testing video is epic: [media]
  9. Detailing & Cleaning
    Hey guys wanted to throw this recent detail I did, I have had many questions from alot guys on here on how to take car of their GT-R's and helped a good amount of people out. I figured this car would be a good jumping off point as well to answer questions for people with all the problems I ran...
  10. Southeast
    Hey everyone, Started this thread to let everyone in South West Florida know that there will be an annual "Cars on 5th" car show on February 16th sponsored by the Ferrari Club of Naples. Hopefully if everything goes well I should have a booth set-up at the next one with a few modified GT-Rs. I...
  11. Other Vehicles
    If you ever wanted proof that Jordan has an addiction to putting wheels on his cars - here it is. We're getting together to stage an intervention shortly - but in the mean time here is the latest version of the ADV.1 599. This time it's a set of ADV05.1SL's in Matte Black. The car is running a...
  12. Other Vehicles
    Thank you for showing us how it's done : ) this 599 is perfect, amazing job WheelsBoutique! ADV7.1SL in Matte black 21x10.5 22x12.0
  13. Other Vehicles
    Who doesn't like Ferrari's? Let alone a gathering of Ferrari's from every generation all lined up at a racetrack - and oh yea - some Ferrari Challenge cars as well? Well last weekend ADV.1 attended a local even in Florida and there was a great turnout. Enjoy the pictures and a sneak peak of the...
  14. Other Vehicles
    finally got a chance to take a few pictures of my friend's boss' new 458 spider. unfortunately, due to prior arrangements, i only had a scarce 30 minutes or so with the car so I didn't have time to pull out all my lights. instead i focused on using what was available of the early morning light...
  15. R35 GT-R
    ZeroToHundred ( hosts one of the premier time attack events at Sepang F1 circuit (, home of the Malaysia F1 race, 5.5 km / 3.44 miles, 15 turns, extremely brutal with trackside temperature up to 40 degrees celsius. We competed...
  16. Detailing & Cleaning
    Hey NAGTROC, I haven't posted here since I was looking into buying a GT-R. Ended up buying a E92 M3 instead I completed this detail a while back but never got around to posting it. Hope everyone enjoys! If anyone has a question about the process, let me know. Products used: 3M Adhesive...
1-20 of 22 Results