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  1. Brakes
    I took my 2013 gtr to the shop to get the front rotors & pads replaced along with brake flush yesterday Today out of curiosity I opened the hood to check the brake fluid level and it doesn't seem to be on the max line as I thought it should be after replacing the old fluid Wanted to know if...
  2. North East
    I just had my '13 flushed with Motul fluids for the tranny and diffs. My car was at 36K, so right at the recommended interval. I don't race the car just a few spirited highway pulls. The fluid definitely made a big difference. The gear shifts feel so much smoother now. Normally in reverse...
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Hi all. I just purchased a 2013 GT-R with 7,000 miles. One dealership told me because fluid is 4 years old, change it. Another dealership said you do not have to. Any advice? Does it breakdown over time?
  4. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Thought I would share what the color of my transmission and differential fluid looked like after 18K miles. I'm in a 2015 Premium. This includes 4 track weekends. I know the recommended changes are much less frequent, but couldn't help myself. Post change, it would appear this was not...
  5. Engine & Transmission
    I have 10qts of oem GTR tranny fluid. I bought for my 2015 but ended up selling and dont need the oil anymore. Price is $525.00 shipped in e lower 48. All boxed up and ready to go. Text me if you have any questions. 505-504-1027
  6. Engine
    Hi guys, I noticed a small tear in the underbody not covered by the metal panel behind the passenger side front wheel, under the door. It's leaking some fluid, any idea what it could be? It didn't smell like gas, I'm going to take it to get checked out tomorrow, but could it be something...
  7. Transmission & Drivetrain
    All, I tried to search here and google and did not find a straight answer. How to properly get transmission fluid sample? If there is a How-to somewhere or some pictures showing the process, please post it here. :-) Thanks to all in advanced! Respectfully, joedr
  8. Service & Maintenance
    Transmission Fluid Service light went on around 34,000 miles a couple days ago dealers I called are charging about $1,100 for parts and labor. $699 for fluids and $400 for labor Im located in Los Angeles, Ca Does that sound like a reasonable price? Also has anyone done it themselves? The dear...
  9. California
    HERE ARE SOME SPECIALS FOR LOCAL CUSTOMERS! Mention you saw the ad from GTRLIFE! Brake Flush Special! Engine Oil Special! FULL FLUID SPECIAL!!!
  10. Engine & Transmission
    I bought this new, unused can of Willall from user nlpamg in January and decided I don't need it. It has not been opened and you can see in pics the seal is still intact. I am reselling to you for the same price with free shipping within the 48 contiguous states. Best price I could find...
  11. Brakes & Suspension
    Brand new stillen stainless brake line kit. Paid over $300 for it. Still inside packaging and has not been opened. (example) Selling for $225 NOW SOLD.
  12. California
    R35 GT-R Customers: We are having an SPE Transmission Fluid Service for you guys to take advantage of starting from Oct 30 till November 29, 2013. The price is down below. So give us a call to schedule an appointment! 626-333-5398
  13. California
    Hello! I'd like to apologize in advance for forgetting to post this up last week. Our one month SPE fluid service special is back and it's back with a lower price! PM or call in to schedule an appointment! PM / [email protected] / 626-333-5398
  14. Brakes
    Hi all, I purchased a used GTR about 2 months ago, got the car at around 2500 miles on the odometer. It was totally new inside out. However, I wasn't satisfied with the braking performance at all coming from evo x with brake lines, motul brake fluid, and Ferodo pads. I thought it was me...
  15. Engine & Transmission
    WILLALL WR35TM GTR GR6 SYNTHETIC TRANSMISSION FLUID **SOLD** Moderators please remove this thread.
  16. California
    Fellow Nissan GT-R Owners: Are you in need of a service maintenance done to your vehicle? Make an appointment with us ASAP! Starting on Thursday, April 18th, we will be having an SPE Fluid Service Special that will cover all of the basic fluids that need to be changed and to keep your GT-R in...
  17. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi everyone, Dodson's GR6 transmission fluid shipments are on a hold this week unless a Dodson dealer has the fluid IN STOCK! Dodson will not be able to drop ship any until next week. We always try to keep a good stock of their fluid (and many of their other transmission upgrades as well)...
  18. Service & Maintenance
    I got a new 2012 transmission installed earlier this year under warranty. After 3000 miles and a modest amount of track use I replaced it and lost the sample (and yeah I should have replaced sooner). The first change included 4L Willall WR35TM, 1L OEM, and around 3L of Pentosin FFL4. I'm...
  19. SP Engineering
    Hey guys, We will be offering an oil change package for all you R35 folks for a stellar price! This offer will be valid for one month (09/17/12 - 10/17/12) starting today. The package will include: • Redline Engine Oil • Nissan Oil Filter • TiTek Oil Cap • Labor All of the above for $95...
  20. California
1-20 of 24 Results