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  1. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    2015 Nissan GT-R Premium Gunmetal Gray, only 9k miles, has rare upgraded $4k semi-aniline ivory leather. Original owner purchased brand new. Never had a single problem. Accident free. Used purely as a second car for weekend driving mostly, I did take it out for a two track days at Hallet in...
  2. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    2010 Gun Metal/Black interior/FBO AND MORE Price $56,000.00 USD or $70,500.00 CAD Miles 52,xxx VIN: JN1AR5EFXAM230470 Montreal, Canada Full bolt on, tuned by Ben Linney, 595 RWHP or 700HP+, over 30K in mods. AMS catless downpipes (ceramic coated), Cobb catted mufflered midpipe (Borla X1-R...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    Hey guys, I wanted to introduce my new project & product, the Stealth Plate. 2 partners and I started our small business group (510 AutoGroup) beginning of April focusing on selling automotive related accessories, apparel and decors. *Please read before you say illegal. Lately, we've been...
  4. Other Vehicles
    I'm considering selling my '68 Camaro, since I've moved to NYC and no longer drive as much as I used to back in Boston, especially having a current daily car. This is a 1968 Camaro SS Restomod that I purchased from a dealer back in January 2016. The previous owner restored the engine (350ci)...
  5. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    Car was originally owned by PGA Golfer Sean O'hair, he put 1800 miles on the car and traded it back into the dealer, car was then purchased in cash in early 2011, car has been in our possession for the last almost 5 years, we have put 58k miles on the car. Goods: Transmission was replaced under...
  6. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    *****QUICK NOTES***** 2010 Black/Black For Sale Price $54,500 Miles 51,000 VIN: JN1AR5EF9AM231464 Miami, FL Original Owner - Hold Title Purchased 5 Year Maintenance Plan From Nissan at purchase January 2010 All Maintenance performed at local Nissan Dealer - No Accidents- Clean CarFax Garage...
  7. Non GT-R Forsale
    With valentines around the corner, get the significant other something related to a GT-R. These are only sold in Japan. So they are exclusive. Small whit purse is $100 Large white and red $150
  8. The Lounge
    Update: XTR CHRIS (Chris Giuffre) owner of XTR Performance lol First of all I've had many positive experiences with members in this forum from helping me out to selling, trading and buying parts from each other. I remember when I had my Black Edition wheels up for a (Trade) for the Premium...
  9. Exterior & Interior
    2014 DBA Tail lights for sale. Selling because I got the 15 tails. Price: $400+Shipping (PayPal +3%)
  10. Exterior & Interior
    Installed 2015's so I'm selling my 2014 headlights in great condition. Price is $650+Shipping (PayPal +3%) Combo Headlights and Tails: $1,100 Shipped
  11. Wheels & Tires
    I sold my Black Edition wheels and got a set of 2013 Premium edition wheels. I had them on for a couple of months, until I got a set of Advans. Took off the tires with a touch-less tire remover and kept the wheels stored safely in my apartment. Could be mint if not for a tiny rock chip, that I...
  12. Part Out & Misc
    I have a 2014 Black Edition. Location: Cambridge, MA 02141 I'll be posting all my future (For Sale/Sold) OEM & aftermarket parts here over here. (PM for more info on parts) **Moderators: I'm uploading images from PhotoBucket. How can I make images smaller when posting on forum. Thanks OEM...
  13. Engine & Transmission
    everything sold please close thread =)
  14. Engine & Transmission
    2014 OEM 570cc injectors Location: Cambridge, MA Reason: Upgraded to 1100cc Miles: 11,000 Price: SOLD!!!!! Contact: PM Other parts FS (Links): Oem Downpipes, Oem midpipe, Oem intakes, HKS midpipe, Cobb SF Intakes Images:
  15. Exhaust
    2014 OEM Downpipes Condition: Used. 11K miles Location: Cambridge, MA Reason: Installed AMS dp's Had it on for: Exactly 1 year Price: $200+Shipping (+3% for PayPal) Contact: PM Other parts FS (Links): Oem injectors, Oem midpipe, Oem intakes, HKS midpipe, Cobb SF Intakes Images:
  16. Exhaust
    HKS Resonated Midpipe (Catless) Purchased: I purchased the HKS Midpipe NEW for ($1,085) Condition: Used, minor wear and tear from heat. Never used on track or street racing. Location: Cambridge, MA Reason: Installed Cobb catted mp's because my AMS downpipes are now catless. I need cats* in...
  17. North East
    Figured I'd give a heads up to my regional section of the forum that I'm selling my 2012 blue GT-R. Located in CT, feel free to check out the listing below for the details.
  18. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    2012 Deep Blue Pearl GT-R Premium with White Interior I'm the second (non smoker) owner of the car, with the first being Nissan. Quite a bit of research went into the history around its aforementioned owner, which all checked out via Nissan North America (no tracking, used primarily for...
  19. WTB
    Looking for Red Tials that fit oem pipes. Thanks
1-20 of 41 Results