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  1. R35 GT-R
    I'm posting this here in the hopes someone has ran into a similar issue: I just drove my car from Detroit to Aspen, Colorado: 1300miles. This is an FBO 2014 with flex fuel conversion and it has had a total of 4 tanks of E85 total through it, before I switched to 91 octane for the drive out to...
  2. Engine
    Are there install instructions anywhere for installing a fuel pressure monitoring kit on the GTR? I got the Visconti kit but it doesn't come with any instructions...
  3. Engine
    Hi all Can someone help me with checking the syvecs data logs am having a fuel pressure drop at boost changed the fuel pumps put still same issue car goes to same mode and it's not running good at idle, it have the AMS 044 fuel pump system thanks
  4. Engine
    Does a 10psi (manifold) pressure switch (Hobbs) activate the second pump early enough? I'm running dual DW300, soon be to Walboro 485's. Alpha 10 ID2000 DW300 AMS rails and reg
1-4 of 4 Results