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  1. Wheels & Tires
    For sale: Factory wheels off a 2010 powder coated gold mounted and balanced Blizzaks 255 front, 285 rear with TPMS Details: I bought these wheels used off a member here a few years ago, had them repaired from some minor curb rash and powder coated in gold. This was my winter setup, less than...
  2. WTB
    Looking for Volks TE37 Ultras in Gold with the following specs 20x11 +0 and 20x12 +20 5x114 My email: [email protected] Location: San Jose, CA Shipping: San Jose, CA Price- Depends on condition $3800-$4300
  3. Wheels
    FOR SALE: Volk TE37 Ultra Gold DETAILS: Gold | With Center Caps | Rays Valve Stem Caps | Fronts 20x10 +30 | Rears 20x12 +20 | NO TPMS Sensors | Wheels just have 200 miles or less SHIPPING OR LOCAL PICKUP: Local Pick-Up or Shipped PRICE: $3,000 for Local Pickup and $3,500 Shipped overnight...
  4. Canada
    Selling a set of Advan GT Premium 20x10/20x12 stagger with 285/335 Michelin PSS Stagger. Also includes hub rings and TPMS setup was used for under 1600 km $4700 USD plus ship and paypal fees
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Hi all, Im wanting to sell my 2014 Midnight Opal OEM Wheels. These are the Hyper Titanium / Goldish wheels that Nissan shipped on the car. Being there are only 50 of these cars stateside i would imagine these wheels aren't the most common things being sold. The wheels are on the car currently...
  6. GT-R Media
    My Midnight Purple r35 and my friend Akin's Usain Bolt Gold r34 prowling the streets of D.C. Enjoy! Photo credit by Tony Lopez of MocoMods. The last one by Michael Kim.
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Tired of having the same color Advan GT Premium as everyone else, but love the wheel itself? Last year, Bulletproof Automotive/GT-RR chose a limited edition color, our favorite wheel, and worked with the manufacturer to create a limited run of 5 sets to satisfy our desire to stand out from the...
  8. Wheels
    Hey guys.... Anyone painted their stock rims gold / bronze??? Been thinking of changing up the color on mine (they are used for tracking only). Any other color suggestions would be highly appreciated as well. I have a Black GTR... Photoshop pics also would be great if any of you can do...
1-8 of 8 Results