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  1. New GT-R Listings
    WE SHIP ALL OVER USA ** WE TAKE TRADES ** WE FINANCE ** 2020 Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary in AMAZING BAYSIDE BLUE Exterior and SPECIAL GRAY Interior with ONLY 23K miles. Buy from the LARGEST GT-R Dealer and get a peace of mind. Any questions, just ask. 7705286900 Ownership history: Comes with 2...
    $129,900 USD
  2. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello, all, This is to inform you that our Group-51R lightweight battery is back in stock! This is the direct replacement battery for all R33, R34 and R35 models. Two options are available: Group-51R - 24 Ah, 1000 CA, 8.5 lbs. Group-51R - 30 Ah, 1200 CA, 11.7 lbs. Check it out: Group-51R...
  3. Electronics & A/V Systems
    I've got a 2013 R35 and finally got Apple CarPlay done in it. After much research and different opinions, I decided to go with the NIFTY CITY module. Sure, their price is a little bit on the expensive side but i caught them when they had discounts going. SBD seemed discontinued and...
  4. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello, all, Here is a cool video with a capacity discharge test on one of our lightweight LiFePo4 batteries 💪
  5. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello, fellow GT-R people. Check out this cool video with our battery in an Audi RS5. 45 pounds gone, just like that! :cool: GT-R R33, R34, R35 direct replacement battery: R32 battery...
  6. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello, Here is a good weight comparison between one of the most popular lead-acid batteries and the Antigravity Batteries equivalent. And this is, believe it or not, one of our HEAVIEST batteries. :D Our GT-R replacement battery is even lighter...
  7. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Our annual 4th of July Sale starts tomorrow, 07/03, so don't miss out! Use coupon code J4TH for a 15% discount on our automotive and powersports batteries. Drop some serious weight and never worry about getting stranded with a dead battery again! Direct replacement, super...
  8. Engine
    I am currently running a stock 2013 gtr. And been pumping 93 gas. Would like to know the best approach towards going e85? What all do I need to get this right.. NOTE***running stock intakes.. ETS down pipes along with Akrapovic Titanium midpipe and exhaust system. Also got the the ecutek...
  9. Texas & South Central
    I was wondering if anyone in Houston down to meet up and have our own little version of coffee and cars Hit me up lets roll. Would love to meet fellow GT-R owners in Houston and learn more about this beast
  10. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
    $70,000 - will entertain serious and respectful offers 51K MILES VIN - JN1AR5EF2DM260969 Houston, Texas Contact Method: DM me with phone if interested ill text you Local Pickup: Yes Shipping: Yes (Arranged by Buyer) Will You Ship International: No Payment: Bank loan/Wire Transfer Returns...
  11. Electronics & A/V Systems
    This is regarding 2013 R35 GT-R Premium... Has anyone noticed the numbers on range fluctuate while driving? I am unable to judge when my tank is going to go empty considering the range on the computer keeps fluctuating so often Can someone help?
  12. Service & Maintenance
    Hi there! I wanted to change out the cabin and engine air filters Any recommendations to purchase the part online? Please advise..
  13. R35 GT-R
    I was fortunate to meet with a Sr. Manager of Product Planning at the Nissan North American HQ. He shares some unique insights on this beauty.
  14. R35 GT-R
    Spent a little over a week so far with this 2021 GT-R Premium and here are my thoughts so far:
  15. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello All, Dropping some additional weight off your ride after you've gutted the interior and removed all unnecessary parts can be a (really expensive) challenge. We're here to help! Our direct replacement LiFePo4 Antigravity Batteries weigh up to 70% less than regular lead-acid batteries while...
  16. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Our annual Black Friday Sale is almost here, and all batteries will be on sale. The coupon code is "BF15" and it will be active from 11/27 to 11/30 (Friday to Sunday). Aside from super lightweight direct replacements, we have many smaller/lighter options for custom setups, so please...
  17. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Here is the link to our starter batteries brochure, where you can find detailed info on all car batteries, as well as our most popular motorcycle and powersports batteries, all on one page for easy viewing and comparing...
  18. Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Got an older Nissan or some other classic ride? We have the right lightweight battery for your show car, garage queen, track monster, and daily driver. Just contact us with some info on your ride and intended use, and we'll recommend the best options. Please email any questions to...
  19. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
  20. Newbie Intro
    Hi guys. As of now, I don't own the GT-R that I like, I plan to buy it early next year. The car I'm driving right now is the 2010 Nissan Altima with a set of tires that I researched at Best Tires for Nissan Altima (2022): Latest Options - Tireer , this is the car my father left me. I plan to...
1-20 of 296 Results