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  1. GT-R Ownership
    Hi GTR friends! Does anyone know where you can get your GTR worked on in the Cincinnati area w/o going to a Nissan dealer? Thanks so much!
  2. Texas & South Central
    There is a new shop open in Tulsa OK.......... Patrick and Karri Henke have opened R.S. Autohaus ......... 12804 S. Memorial Dr., Bixby.OK 918-970-4112 Patrick is a highly respected Porsche Master tech ........... They will now welcome the GTR owners for service............ I recommend...
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Hi, I just had my GTR 5 month so far, the car when i bought it is 2900 miles and it is a 09 GTR. Couple days ago I want to the dealer to change the oil, they give me this bill sheet told all the item I need to change, Please take a look and tell me do I really to do all of these. ASAP thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results