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  1. Engine
    I did 3 pulls yesterday with full pedal pressed and R/C/VDC off and once the car reaches exactly 183kmh (114mph) it just gets stuck .. and won't go over. No CEL or limp safety appeared. It's weird because i've been over 170mph a couple of times before... in mexico, with no issues. Sent the...
  2. AccessTUNER
    I always like to have the AP active whenever I'm driving. Especially when I had issues with my previous tune throwing codes and limp safety. I do the 6 view layout: Boost RPM Limp status Dynamic Adv. STFT B1,B2 What's yours and what do you like to monitor the most?
  3. Interior & Exterior
    I've had the DCT steering wheel for almost 3 years. The suedes are now very dirty from usage.. is there any way to clean/revive? Before/After photos BEFORE AFTER
  4. Wheels & Tires
    SV104 Forged Monoblock 20x10 ET 35 Front // 20x12 ET30 Rear Wheel Finish: Brushed Triple Black Tint MSRP: $5000.00 Special Price: $3599.00 (this set only) [email protected]
  5. GT-R Build Threads
    A little early, but I need to start preparing and saving up for this. Last year I had a budget of around $25K, and wanted to build motor/trans. It was getting too complicated, and ended up buying a 68 camaro lol. I'll be done from work this coming July, and will return home (overseas) to...
  6. North East
    Hello, I just moved from Boston to NYC (Midtown-West) for work. Winter is coming and I'm going to have my local shop back in Boston ship my winter tires. What shop do you guys recommend to have my tires done, around my area? Also, any hand wash places you recommend? I tried Westside Hwy...
  7. Asia
    Photos of GT-R Owners Club Indonesia at Sentul International Circuit 2016 - Gaspolll Racing Experience
  8. GT-R Media
    Thanks to Austin & Liam for taking these shots at Black Falcon Pier, Boston.
  9. Other Vehicles
    So a while back I had a budget and wanted to move from an FBO to new turbos, engine build and transmission. I was so ready to pull the trigger and one day I woke up and realized that I can get one of my dream cars with that budget. So I started looking for my dream, 68 Camaro SS 350 V8. Fell in...
  10. Engine
    Post up your e85 cold start videos :D I just went e85 flex fuel and surprised/embarrassed of how long it takes to start. Here's mine: 1.Car was left outdoors overnight, (-2c) exterior 2.Same cold start above, from inside 3.Parked Indoor lot, cold start
  11. Engine
    From FBO (pump) to Alpha 9 (or similar)I've been thinking about this for a long time...I want more power. Other than the cost, I'm always afraid of damaging engine or transmission. I want to upgrade, and drive the car comfortably knowing that nothing is at risk. Yes, Researched a lot and have...
  12. The Lounge
    Update: XTR CHRIS (Chris Giuffre) owner of XTR Performance lol First of all I've had many positive experiences with members in this forum from helping me out to selling, trading and buying parts from each other. I remember when I had my Black Edition wheels up for a (Trade) for the Premium...
  13. Exterior & Interior
    2014 DBA Tail lights for sale. Selling because I got the 15 tails. Price: $400+Shipping (PayPal +3%)
  14. AccessTUNER
    I had issues with my previous Protune on a mustang dyno. After posting my datalogs many approached and gave me the same feedback about my fuel trims, a/f being way off. I recently had a re-tune done on a dynojet by Rob from Kaizen Tuning. He did an amazing job, the car feels smooth, and I feel...
  15. Exterior & Interior
    Installed 2015's so I'm selling my 2014 headlights in great condition. Price is $650+Shipping (PayPal +3%) Combo Headlights and Tails: $1,100 Shipped
  16. Interior & Exterior
    Just got my steering wheel from DCT-MS. Ivan was very helpful and responded to my emails immediately. I had Kaizen install my steering wheel and fitment is 10/10 Quality steering wheel, I love the alcantara...way better grip. Here are some photos:
  17. AccessTUNER
    Hi all. I compared other members' datalogs vs mine, and was wondering if any expert could help me read and see if everything is alright and safe? I've done a conservative custom tune on a mustang dyno. My A/F Corr % B1 and B2 numbers are not the same, i know there is a margin difference but are...
  18. R35 GT-R
    What to do next?What to do nextShifters00.00%Full Piping kit00.00%Intercooler1100.00%Coolant Tank00.00%Intake Manifold00.00%Bovs & SD tuning00.00%Engine & Transmission build00.00%Oil catch can00.00%
  19. Engine
    I have been over analyzing my car in details lately. I've noticed the exhaust or midpipe area makes a popping noise when the engine is warm and car is idle below 1k rpms. I'm sure it used to do that back when i had (Stop dp, catless mp, exhasut) I took 2 videos, listen carefully to hear the...
  20. Engine
    Here's are the results on my 2014 FBO on 93 pump: E-Tune (Baseline) vs. PROtune done by Brentuning. Bren was able to get a higher hp/tq but I told him to stay below 600/600 just to be safe. Can't risk transmission issues. Car feels great, definitely feel the difference and mpg has improved...
1-20 of 33 Results