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  1. AccessTUNER
    Hello everyone, would like to seek some guidance on how to fine tune my 2015 GTR ( 2.75" AAM intakes, 3.5" SBD dp, 3.5" SBD midpipe rest is stock) on a 93 OCT. Been looking online and found few guides/ helpful resources, hoping to get some expert advice. I started from Stage 2 OTS Map. Attached...
  2. Southeast
    My absolute dream car is a nissan gtr r35 ever sense i saw 2 fast 2 furious in 2001 (bryans r34) it has just been my dream car. I am just in love with all the lines the amount of power a V6 can put to the ground and everything! but anyways i am located in the Huntsville, Al area i am wanting to...
1-2 of 2 Results