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  1. Engine
    Does anyone know if there are any plug and play fuel pump hardwire kits other than the J.V kit? Thanks in advance
  2. Engine & Transmission
    Item: Up for sale is a Visconti Fuel Pump Hardwire kit. Brand new and just received. Splash shield included which is a $60 extra. Reason for selling: I have am going another direction and will not be needing. Splash shield included which is a $60 extra. Price: My loss your gain as I purchased...
  3. Engine
    Ok, so after install of the hardwire kit and visconti flex fuel kit, I noticed with key on, engine not running I can hear the fuel pump(s) running and also up by the rails I hear what sounds like fuel cycling through the lines, and an intermittent hissing sound. I double/triple checked for leaks...
1-3 of 3 Results