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  1. West
    This tread will announce the various extra instruction events that SCCA Hawaii region is sponsoring with early notice so you can plan ahead. Nothing special needed, GTR doesn't matter if stock or modded on any tires. Snell rated helmet M2010 or later, closed shoes. July 17, 2016 Test and Tune...
  2. West
    SCCA Hawaii region is trying to bring the fun of Road Rallys back to Hawaii. People used to do rallys years ago but it died out over the years. We did have a successful event about 2 years ago, some 30+ cars with drivers and navigators drove about 50 miles while keeping track of their speeds...
  3. GT-R Media
    We have a chase cam operated by remote control high above our Rallycross in Hawaii. Hope we can get this working at autocross and we can video a GTR from above.
  4. West
    As Some of you know. I bring down Chris Black from AMS to Tune our cars here in hawaii..... There are more and more GTR's on our roads now so chris asked me to see if you guys would also be interested in getting on the tunes. The Only thing that will need to be done is the Pass side Driveshaft...
  5. West
    Ok, so you own a GTR but do you know how to drive it at it's limit? Well, find out how good you really are and for $250 each day you can drive it with a personal instructor. Even if you don't have any desire to do competition driving you will learn car control and find the limits of your car...
1-5 of 5 Results