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  1. Wheels
    So, I have been using the former owner from Kaizen Tunings 19" wheel set up since 2015. He sold me his Volks RE30's which have a staggered set up ideal for 295 front and 315 rear Hoosiers. At the time, 19" tires were the largest that Hoosier made for the track. New this year you can buy 20"...
  2. Engine & Transmission
    I Just removed my ETS Street Intercooler. Good condition, no broken or bent fins. Just normal stains from bugs and stuff that can be cleaned or buffed. Had it on the car for ~20k miles. I don't have the hardware for mounting because I reused them for the install of my new intercooler. Standard...
  3. Engine
    I have a question that I would like to seek advice on. How effective is it, if you wrap your intake piping and intercooling piping with a heat shield wrap? Would you notice any cooler intake intake temperatures and is it worth the trouble to wrap it. I have a FBO running E85.
  4. Engine
    Hi. This seems a weird problem, but here goes.... It's -30C (-22F) outside recently. This is my third winter with my 2011 GTR, with no issues previously. Last week, I noticed that the in-car heat didn't work one day, for about 30 minutes, then started to work, and was fine for the few days...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    EVS Motors Performance Studio is proud to import in one of the most exclusive and most advanced window tint available today. We like to introduce to you what is called Solar Adaptive Transition Window Tint. The only tint on the market that will darken with the intensity of the heat by up to...
1-5 of 5 Results