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  1. R35 GT-R
    I was just curious about this gtr v hellcats what mods would it take for the gtr to walk away from a hellcat in a roll race from a dig I know the results since I raced 2016 hellcat charger with my 2010 from a dig it wasnt even close I had bus lengths on the hellcat easy but from a roll he walked...
  2. Other Vehicles
    Reaction time is everything when it's a close race. No sleeping at the line.
  3. R35 GT-R
    So what happened at the end with the PoPo?
  4. Other Vehicles
  5. Other Vehicles
  6. Other Vehicles
    Gotta hand it to them on this one. Sent from my SM-N900P using GT-R Life mobile app
1-6 of 6 Results