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  1. Texas & South Central
    I was wondering if anyone in Houston down to meet up and have our own little version of coffee and cars Hit me up lets roll. Would love to meet fellow GT-R owners in Houston and learn more about this beast
  2. R35 GT-R
    After adding the SBD700 FBO + E85 Package, new ADV.1 Wheels, Swift Lowering Springs, Powder Coated Calipers, and a complete carbon fiber aero swap... I still felt like the car was just too plain. In search of that next level of it's "wow factor" I decided to wrap the car with a custom vinyl. Enjoy!
  3. R35 GT-R
    Here's a few professional shots that were sent to me from last weekend's Coffee and Cars. Enjoy!
  4. Exhaust
    For Sale - Used ETS 4.0" (102mm) stainless steel RACE with TITEK titanium Y-pipe Details - Full Stainless Steel True 4.0" merge collector into dual 4.0" muffler deletes True 4.0" to 3.0" Merge collector from Muffler deletes to exhaust tips. Stainless Steel Tips (not chrome / will not rust)...
  5. Texas & South Central
    Purchased a second GTR located in Topeka Kansas I need to have delivered to North Houston along with some extra parts [OEM wheels/tires, hood, trunk/spoiler/suspension, etc]. If someone is in the business of hauling cars, or knows a trusted source... please let me know. Alternatively I have a...
  6. R35 GT-R
    The official planning for TX2K16™ has started. The event will be held March 17-20, 2016 (Thursday - Sunday). TX2K and Royal Purple Raceway are proud to announce that we are going to host the inaugural TX2K 1/2 Mile Event at Ellington Airport in 2016. TX2K is the only event in the United...
  7. Texas & South Central
    Edit: Some people had chimed in so far, it seems like Baker Nissan North is the only one so far. 19630 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77065 (281) 890-5656 Are we lucky enough to have a mod friendly dealership? Reason for asking is because I have owned STi = Gillman SW was pretty mod friendly, BMW...
  8. Texas & South Central
    It's that time of the month! Come out to the only carmeet in Houston organized by GTR owners with dedicated GTR parking for as many as possible. All we ask is you be there at or before 8am to claim the GTR only spaces. Post up if you are coming! We seem to meet new owners every month and are...
  9. WTB
    As title states... WTB Polished Upper Intercooler Pipe for use with OEM setup. Also looking for catback.
  10. Texas & South Central
    The March Ride 'n Shine was packed and I know for sure we had over 13 GT-Rs there. For April we will be reserving more spots in the GT-R row so that we can get everyone parked up together. Please remember this is the the ONLY carmeet in Houston organized by GTR owners and we will hold spots...
  11. Texas & South Central
    Alright guys, I've gotten a few questions about when the March Ride 'n Shine was. I hadn't posted about it as there were some last minute weather concerns that affected both our event and TX2K15 that's happening right now in Houston. Due to the weather we have moved Ride 'n Shine to March 28th...
  12. GT-R Media
    Lets try to reduce the clutter and keep things organized. We will keep this thread for "Unofficial" 2K15 videos only. "Unofficial" 2k15 Pics can go here:
  13. GT-R Media
    Lets try to reduce the clutter and keep things organized. We will keep this thread for "Unofficial" 2K15 pictures and discussion. I'll be there and will try to post up as many pics as I can in this thread. "Unofficial" 2k15 Videos can go here: http://www.gtrlife.c...5-video-thread/
  14. Texas & South Central
    Does anyone know of any good places in Houston where I can get my interior trimmed? I'm looking to do a bit of red diamond stitching on the black premium seats and some panels. I found a few places on Google but they all seem sketchy and I want it done right. I'm hoping to do something similar...
  15. Texas & South Central
    Calling all Houston based GTR Owners...we really want a good showing of GTR's at the next Ride 'n Shine event. As a quick recap this event started out as a car meet organized by the Houston GTR Club - GTR Bros. We really want to promote this event for GTR's to show up and will be dedicating...
  16. Texas & South Central
    GTRBROS is proud to announce that we have secured a premier location for our monthly Houston based meet at LaCenterra in Katy, TX! With the struggles faced by Houston Coffee and Cars, we have decided to open the event up to all show-worthy vehicles and will be providing further detailed...
  17. Texas & South Central
    Attention Houston based GT-R owners! Tomorrow will be the April edition of Houston Coffee and Cars! The weather currently appears to be cooperating, thus the GTR Bros will be rolling to the event to get a taste of the new organizational structure (please see the Houston Coffee and Cars page for...
  18. Pre-Owned GT-R Listings
  19. Exhaust
    Price: $1700 OBO + shipping Location: Katy, Texas Contact: Call or text 2816336547 or PM Local pickup would be best but I could ship at buyers cost Selling a brand new Password: JDM exhaust rear section. These will fit all years 09+ according to their website. The exhaust is in perfect...
  20. Texas & South Central
    EVS Motors is proud to partner up with whom we believe to be one of the best automotive restoration and car care studio in Texas, Vivë: Auto Finishing & Detailing. Vivë was founded in 2007 and has worked on countless GT-Rs! Vivë went to Japan to visit the GT-R Tochigi Factory and Nissan Heritage...
1-20 of 34 Results