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  1. R35 GT-R
    Hey everyone, This is my first post here as Im close to finalizing a deal to acquire a 2015 GT-R Black Edition w/ ~11K miles. The prior owner moved to Nebraska from Ontario and imported the car to the states, eventually traded it into a dealership and now Im looking to acquire the car from said...
  2. GT-R Ownership
    please delete - wrong forum
  3. GT-R Ownership
    Hi there, I've been looking at buying a GT-R for a while now and have finally been able to secure the funds to do so. I'd be purchasing the car in April as I live in Ottawa (AKA the ARCTIC) and therefore, it wouldn't make sense to buy the car now and simply let it sit in the garage all winter...
  4. North East
    Inaugural Liberty Engines Import vs Domestic Shoot Out Presented by RAD Auto Machine! First Ever @ NED. June 23rd. They are setting up the classes and rules similar to the World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway. Some classes announced are True Street, Super Street, Extreme Import...
  5. Skyline GT-R
    My friend passed this info to me: A petition to try to decrease the 25 year rule to 15 years.
1-5 of 5 Results