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  1. Exterior & Interior
    Genuine Seibon carbon fiber pieces purchased from a distributor. Front Lip Spoiler 2009-11 - $1080 (purchased for $1480) Front Grill Cover 2009-10 - $500 (purchased for $780) Hood air ducts 2009-12 - $480 (purchased for $620) SOLD Looking to sell these various pieces because I no...
  2. Engine & Transmission
    Selling a set of used BL turbo inlets in really good condition. I'm going another route. Can be run in recirculation or VTA with included plugs. $450 - includes shipping & PayPal fees within CONUS.
  3. AccessTUNER
    Like the title states, I'd like to install the 2012+ turbo inlets to my CBA. My inquiry is simply, as I'm currently running the COBB stg2 v600. Will installing the larger inlets have any bearing and or cause issues with the tune? Can the COBB self adjust for this if need be? I'm hoping there...
  4. Part Out & Misc
    Hey guys I am selling some items that I have had on my 2014 GTR from FBO and stock levels. FOR SALE: 2014 DBA Turbo Inlets $300.00 2014 OEM upper and lower Intake Manifold $560 2014 OEM Turbos and Manifolds: Sold Cobb Accessport V3, I have Unmarried this from the car, it is the NIS-006 with...
  5. Engine & Transmission
    Greeting fellow GTR LIFE Members, I have pair of Boost Logic 3" Turbo inlets for sale. They are used, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They are in excellent condition. The reason why I'm selling is because I'm going a different direction with my GTR. Buy with confidence. I...
  6. Engine & Transmission
    Hi everyone, I decided to upgrade my build a bit more so I'm selling my brand new SBD800/1000 turbos. No miles, still in a box as seen in the pictures attached. Also I'm throwing in my downpipes and turbo inlets that had about 2k miles on them from the last turbos I had. Perfect setup to get...
  7. R35 GT-R
    Hey guys, Just got our latest revision of cast 3" inlets in, this newest revision has the recirculation tube deleted allowing a cleaner install for those who prefer running a vent to atmosphere blow off valve. MSRP $599 a pair In stock and ready to ship...
  8. Engine & Transmission
    I have for sale my Custom AAM GT-800r Turbo kit. Comes with 3" Intakes and Turbo Inlets both crinkle coated to match turbos. Also the AAM actuators are installed already. These were customized by AAM from the previous owner. He sent em in and had a bigger compressor housing thrown on and all...
  9. Engine & Transmission
  10. Engine & Drivetrain
    Kaizen Tuning is now offering Boost Logic's full line up parts, including induction components, engine components, exhaust parts, turbo kits, and more. PM me here today for your Boost Logic parts! Boost Logic 3" inlet pipes -True 3″ Inner Diameter Inlet pipe because this is quite a huge a...
  11. Engine & Drivetrain
    Boost Logic R35 GT-R Cast 3" Inlets are back in stock and ready to ship! Our True 3″ Inner Diameter Inlet pipe because this is quite a huge a restriction for the 2009-11 GTR and still a small restriction for the 2012-13 GTR especially if you plan on upgrading the cartridge in your stock...
  12. WTB
    I will pay up to $250!! for a set of inlet pipes, or more with intakes/ injectors will negotiate!! I'm in Portland, OR 97216
  13. Engine & Transmission
    Selling my ported 2012 turbo inlets. Had these on the car for about 4k miles. SOLD
  14. GT-R Media
    I know the camera Is kinda shaky. but you try what im doing and try to record everything at the same time. Here it is, the video I promised, HOW TO INSTALL GTR LARGE TURBO INLETS/GTC INLETS. PM me if you have any questions, if you don't understand what I mean when I explain on how to use the...
  15. WTB
    Located in Austin, TX
  16. Engine & Transmission
    For sale GTC Turbo inlets: Great physical condition Used on my Gt-R for about 4000 miles 56mm (bigger than DBA inlets) Located in New Orleans La. area Local pick up or will ship Payment by paypal $240 shipped
  17. WTB
    any brand intakes as long as they are black and not polished. +let me know what kind of down pipes you have, and ill let you know if thats the one i need... looking for an ok set of 2012 large inlets for my 2010. +looking for Revozport DN trunk carbon fiber good condition +++++ pm me pics...
  18. Engine
    I was wondering if anyone has installed these yet. I was patiently waiting for Boost Logic's big a$$ inlets, but they've been tabled for more pressing matters for over a year so I want to move forward. These are pretty new, but I was hoping that someone has ventured out and installed some. I...
  19. WTB
    Looking to buy used 2012+ turbo inlets.
  20. Engine & Transmission
    I have a set of AAM Turbo inlets in good condition, polished. NEW COSTS $925.00 from AAM. Save yourself some cash. What is pictured is what you get. Condition (minor scuffs from install and very tiny ding on the one bottom side that anyone would have to do to install) will not effect anything...
1-20 of 20 Results