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  1. Engine
    Finally able to find some detailed pics of iPE Exhaust tips! Dayne Acute Performance
  2. Exhaust
    iPE Valvetronic Full Exhaust I just got word from iPE that they have just finished their 90MM exhaust system for GTR, which is quite a difference from the previous 76MM system. Innotech's valvetronic technology offers a sophisticated performance exhaust system that delivers both power and...
  3. Engine
    Hey guys, I'd like to take your time to introduce IPE Innotech's full line of valvetronic performance exhaust systems for GTR. Their full system is modular, you can fit the downpipe, front pipe( y pipe) and Mid pipe + valvetronic mufflers combo on their own or as a full system. For more...
1-3 of 3 Results