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  1. Transmission & Drivetrain
    After going over a bunch of different spots to mount the dial, I decided I wanted something reversible (ie. no drilling of holes) and so mounted it in the cigarette lighter housing. For those that may want to do the same, here is what I did. All of this can be done without removing any panels...
  2. Part Out & Misc
    Colleagues Good Morning, I am parting out the next round of parts on my '09 Nissan GT-R, in favor of making more room in my garage. With that said, please note the following; - All parts are in used, but "near mint" condition unless specifically stated otherwise. - I will be shipping out...
  3. WTB
    Looking to buy a GTR shift knob, message me with price.
  4. WTB
    I'm very interested in buying a used or semi new oem shift knob for the GTR from any year or base model. Just want to save a couple of bucks instead of paying over 200 for a simple mod. Money and Paypal is ready for the sale. Contact- email: [email protected] or text @ (562)...
1-4 of 4 Results