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  1. Wheels
    I’ve had Eibachs Bolt on 15/20mm since 2015. Street driven, no issues until yesterday when i took one out to clean any rust and saw one bolt stripped. I need to order a replacement ASAP will replace fronts & rears with H&R. what type should i go with? I’ve had the bolt on type for ages no...
  2. Wheels
    Wanted to share with you the Gold lug nuts I ended up with. Project Kics Leggdura 53mm closed-ended look amazing and loving the color. 16pcs+4 locks (97ftlb) (got them from VividRacing) I used to have the Titek but they rusted out and had to replace them.. with Gold Color. Many recommended...
  3. Wheels
    Anyone running these? Curious to know how close they match the brake calipers. Disclaimer: I know Titek matches closely, but interested in the orange options for Rays/Project Kics.
  4. Wheels
    Was wondering if anyone had these on their wheels? I tried google but can't seem to find any good pics of them on premium edition rims. Thanks.
  5. WTB
    I'm looking for a set of factory OEM lug nuts. I know someone has to have a set lying around that they using, please pm me.
  6. Wheels
    What lug nuts should I use? OEM nuts fit but 21mm socket is very tight Do I need to buy smaller lug nuts ie 19mm Any suggestions? Or is there a thin wall socket with protective sleeve that Will fit?
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys, these spacers have just arrived and ready to ship out. We have 3 sizes at the moment: 15mm , 20mm and 25mm. Just click on "Add to Cart" to be linked to our website. Shipping is the same to anywhere in the United States! PM me for any international shipping quotes. *Compatible with...
1-8 of 8 Results