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  1. WTB
    WTB: BoostLogic 12 Injector Manifold/Plenum with Fuel Rail [email protected] London, UK Looking to pay circa $2000 Ahsan Javid - Facebook ahsan_gtr - Instagram
  2. Engine & Transmission
    I Just removed my ETS Street Intercooler. Good condition, no broken or bent fins. Just normal stains from bugs and stuff that can be cleaned or buffed. Had it on the car for ~20k miles. I don't have the hardware for mounting because I reused them for the install of my new intercooler. Standard...
  3. WTB
    Just the balance tube on the rear of the intake plenum is all that I need. See photo for pic thx! Contact info kfneely1 at yahoo dot com Parts #'s, optional Location: Bay Area Ca. Shipping: 94547 Hercules CA. Price you want to pay: 50.00
  4. Drag
    AfterMarket Manifold Class Only: -aka stock location aftermarket manifold class -aka (GTRLife) Class GTR3 #1 - 6.725 at 218.27 MPH -- T1 Race Development Build ( Owner: George Dodworth, sevenspeed @lasergeorge ) 1.191 60' -- 1/8th = 4.477 at 173.47 MPH -- Pickup = 44.8mph 4.3L AMS Billet...
  5. Engine & Transmission
    Chrome Polished Upper Intake Manifold (non ported) Ships from Blaine, WA. Buyer covers shipping and paypal fees. Ship to North America Only.
  6. Engine & Drivetrain
    Kaizen Tuning Your #1 HKS Pro dealer here on GTR-Life! With the power of the HKS Pro Dealer network, we get access to the best pricing on HKS` entire catalog of parts, along with knowledge and experience with a product line up. We have just recently finished an HKS 1000+ kit on one of our...
  7. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD---FS 2012 Stock Turbos with Manifold. Reason for selling is I upgraded to SIR USM and don't need these any longer. They have only been off a few days and would like sell them. $895 shipped-price dropped Text me at 801-879-2335 if you have any questions Shipping from Utah
  8. Engine
    Option A or BWhat looks better?Option A (Red)1368.42%Option B (Blue)526.32%Option A (curvy tube in Red)15.26%
  9. GT-R LIFE Vendor Reviews
    This review is actually the second time i have been back to see Brad at RIP Tuning in Moore, OK. The first time he installed my SBD downpipes in an unbelievablely quick time while i waited (see my review in the Texas & South Central Forum). While there, he took the time to show me around the...
  10. WTB
    Looking to buy one of these without the 12 injector option. Let me know what you have
  11. WTB
    Looking to buy a used or new intake manifold. Thanks!
  12. WTB
    I am looking for a 2013 and higher manifold. If you have one for sale pm me or text me at 71325412fivefive. Blake
  13. Engine & Transmission
    Im selling my OEM 2013 GTR intake manifold. The manifold is in mint condition and comes with both upper and lower intakes. For those who don't know the intake manifold is one of the parts that Nissan changed for the 2013 model year which accounts for the15 horsepower bump from 2012 (530 to 545...
  14. R35 GT-R
    Hello All, I wanted to formerly introduce myself in this thread, my customer and friend Andy already made a thread prior to joining this forum. I'm going to be entering the GTR market after TX2K13, currently developing parts on Andy's 2013 to display and run at the event. My name is Collin...
  15. Engine
    Like the title says, is your intake manifold cover Custom, OEM, On, Off? Lets see it! Here is what I'm working on, i have two manifold covers so on one I'm having a little fun. Heres my photoshop prototype.
  16. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys here we have the new Greddy RX Intake Manifold for the R35 GTR. It is cast Aluminum high-flow intake Manifold for VR engine larger volume , for high horsepower applicaitons. 3 pieces, larger runners (58mm), 2x large volume end tanks (+85). Engineered to equalize flow and improve...
  17. Engine & Drivetrain
    NAGTROC members, Treat yourself with GReddy's new RX intake manifold today! GReddy RX Intake Manifold: Engineered to equalize flow and improve efficiency, this precision cast-aluminum surge tank was designed for maximum performance. It was developed and manufactured in Japan and has been...
  18. Engine & Drivetrain
    Mine's R35 GTR Surge Tank kit - [Mine's original Surge Tank + Titanium Piping] Mine's has released its original surge tank and titanium piping kit for R35 GTR. It provides an impressive power gain for a modified engine, especially with a larger turbine. It can be used with the stock engine...
1-18 of 18 Results