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  1. Engine & Transmission
    SOLD I have a set of used Modern Automotive Performance (MAP) 3" intakes for sale. These come with couplers for OEM inlets and larger 3" inlets (shown). The Green Filters have 0 miles since being cleaned and re-oiled properly. $225 shipped anywhere in the CONUS, and I'll pick up any PP fees...
  2. AccessTUNER
    2009 Stock...with midpipe mod in the hopefully near future... i am planning on backing up the stock map and loading the stage 1 ots map and the LC5 map (or LC4...not sure yet...input welcomed)...i understand that a solid drive cycle to charge the battery should be sufficient...but using a 1 AMP...
  3. Engine
    Hey Guys, I recently got a HKS legamax exhaust and Greddy downpipes and y-pipe. After I got it installed I got the service engine light. So I got a Cobb ACCESSPORT V3 and I wondering if anyone got any suggestions on what Map I should? It would be a lot of help, thanks.
  4. AccessTUNER
    Hi, Dose the GotBoost SD kits MAP sensor require any change from stock in the calibration tables in AccessTuner? And until how much bar can it measure? Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results