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  1. GT-R Media
    We are brand new and proud sponsors of GT-R Life. Here are a couple videos showcasing what we can do for you. We offer a clear film called XPEL ULTIMATE. It's optically clear, stain resistant, texture free (no orange peel), and self-healing. We also offer a matte finish film...
  2. Other Vehicles
    2013 Audi S8 This is one beautiful car! The technology in this thing is amazing. It's got lots of power and great looks. We upped the exterior giving it a 3M 1080 Satin Black wrap. We dipped the wheels also for the time being before the new wheels come. Enjoy the pics!
  3. GT-R Media
    Here is one of the GTR's that was originally gloss red that we wrapped matte black with some gloss orange accents. For more info about Vinyl Wraps, hit us up on facebook at Carbon Wraps Orlando. Matte Black GTR, in the works by Carbon Wraps, on Flickr Matte Black and Gloss Burnt Orange GT-R...
1-3 of 3 Results