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  1. California
    Any good meets in San Diego, CA for GTR owners? Thanks!
  2. Newbie Intro
    Hey all, Looking for some shows and meets in the Tri-State area ... LMK if anyone has anything coming up soon!
  3. Middle East
    So i'm in Qatar for a month and some change from SoCal and wanted to get some suggestions on things to do both car related or otherwise. Haven't seen any GTR's yet but there always seem to be a few Ferrari's and some Roll's parked outside my hotel.
  4. California
    High Octane Tuners is proud to announce, in collaboration with Dublin Nissan dealership , HOT SUMMER DAYZ @ DUBLIN NISSAN For more information and registration details please visit, This free event starts at 10 am and continues throughout the day. We will be...
1-4 of 4 Results