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  1. Service & Maintenance
    I've tried searching, but I can't find any information on what I'm dealing with exactly. I have a 2009 GTR, manufactured April 08, so it's probably one of the oldest R35s in North America. Every now and then the MFD will start flickering, but it's not the backlighting that is flickering. It's...
  2. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Hello folks, Long time reader first time posting a new thread. I have gotten a Nissan engineer who is willing to put together a case to get a new MFD update to respin the software and put the old options back in and tweak some new ones. I need help building this case and would like feed back...
  3. Engine
    Hi, I decided to empty out my fuel tank today at a local shop and left them with my proc ecu cable and laptop explaining the fuel pump tool, anyway, when i got back they had finished up brought the tank down to about a 1/4, when i hit the start button the engine did not turn over and just...
  4. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Hey guys, just wanted to share this. I got my AV bypass installed today with a little help from the guys at Funktion Auto Group in VA (great service by the way and super nice guys). Testing to see what you can do with my AV input now sitting in my glove box, I hooked up my iphone to it using my...
  5. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Are there any after market tv tuner's available for the GTR? For the Japanese version or anything? Just curious. Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results