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  1. Wheels & Tires
    Hey guys, Check out this shoot of a 2015 GT-R Black Edition with a set of Signature Series R10 wheels! This set up is built in the 21x10 front and 21x11 rear fitment and was wrapped in Michelin PSS 265/30/21 front and 305/25/21 rear. This configuration features Matte Black on the centers and...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    selling a set of Michelin pilot super sport tires that came of the wheels i bought from dut Im going with toyo R888s so wont need these they have 500 miles on them sizes are 285/35/20 Fronts and 335/30/20 Rears. Im asking for 1500 shipped OBO shoot me a pm if you are interested. R.
  3. Track
    This last weekend I took the TSM GT-R to Road Atlanta for some track time with Chin Motorsports. I ran the whole weekend on PSS street tires to really get the feel for the car on a full street tire. While there wasn't a whole lot of open track to be had I really enjoyed the weekend. Dicing...
  4. Wheels
    Hello, I am shopping for 21" wheels but after running the PSSs on my stock wheels I would love to be able to run the same tire on a 21" wheel. As this is a relatively newer tire I am wondering if anyone is running this size setup? It seems to be the closest to stock but the 265s are 27.3" tall...
  5. Wheels
    Finally got some tires on a set of Matte Black RS-Ds that I picked up from a fellow NAGTROC member. After much research and seeing pics from tshawa of his Michelins, I pulled the trigger on a set of Michelin PSS 285 up front and 295 rear. I really wanted the R888 look in a more daily-driver tire...
  6. Wheels
    Hi Guys, Just installed my recently purchased Michelin PSS. I went with a 285 front, 295 rear set up. I am running on Cor Cipher Deep Concave Wheels 20x10 fronts and 20x11 rears. Absolutely no rubbing issues whatsoever. Ride is smooth and quiet especially to what I had on before. Have not...
  7. Wheels
    Hi guys, I just had these Michelin PSS's mounted on my car. Just in case anyone wants to run this setup and wonder how they look like, here are some pics.
1-8 of 8 Results