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  1. Middle East
    (UPDATE long over-due) - both cars have been delivered. Here's a short video loading both cars from NYC and unloading in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Company used to ship cars was: Overseas (both cars in a 40ft container)
  2. R35 GT-R
    Well once again we are here with our good friends in Kuwait. My tuner Doug and myself flew in yesterday on Thanksgiving day to get some cars knocked out and running awesome for these guys. As usual the enthusiasm is through the roof as the GT-R community over here is just made up of a bunch...
  3. R35 GT-R
    Hey guys, Just wanted to put a thread up to document me and Doug's trip to Kuwait to tune/re-tune some GT-Rs as well as a few other cars. We were invited over here by some of the local GT-R community and it is sure an honor to be a part of. They are a great group of GT-R enthusiasts. The...
  4. Middle East
    Anyone with more photos of this beast? And what its packin under the hood?
  5. Middle East
    Putting our dear member Nas's GTR up for sale. The car is located in Kuwait, its a US spec 2010 GTR bought from the States new and stock. We can ship the car anywhere in the world for the buyer, its very clean with only 8K miles and around 70K worth of mods. Never tracked, dragged. Nas, its...
  6. Middle East
    Mashalla, with all that power its making, it is putting the power to the ground very smoothly! Any details on that 997TT? Hope to see you and the car on the 9th of December at MEGTROC's YAS Marina Event. MEGTROC/GTZ Charity Drag Event - 9th of December Pics: https://www.facebook...70025684&type=1
  7. Middle East
    MEGTROC'ers, The long wait has come to an end. As promised, and in cooperation with Nissan Middle East, Middle East GTR Owners Club (MEGTROC) and GTZ Motor Club brings to you what is expected to be the largest motor club event in the history of the UAE! Whether you're looking to flex your...
  8. Middle East
    The car looks awesome mashalla!! Im 90% sure that this is your GTR, correct me if im wrong. But, from the video description, it says 1370hp, do you have a dyno or is this number an estimate? All in all, congrats, it looks very nice and i love the engine bay.
  9. GT-R Media
    In response to the crazy Saudi Arabian drifters. These guys have mad useless skills, but mad skills regardless check it out.
1-10 of 10 Results