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  1. Mid Atlantic
    I was able to reserve both lanes at MIR on April 2nd (SATURDAY) at MIR. One lane will be for drag radial and slick cars only. This is a street car event. Famous Dave's will also be catering (Buy from them directly at the track). Cost to race will be $100/car, $10/spectator, and the event is from...
  2. Mid Atlantic
    We have scheduled a rental at MIR in for Friday December 27th. This will be a GT-R only event. We will have some AAM Competition GT1200/1400/1600-R cars making passes. Cost will be dependent on the number of cars interested.
  3. GT-R Media
    Id like to have one thread for updating the videos that are about to come out, So ill just start it now. We had 3 Official entities covering the day, as we like the work they do and are more than just a guy with a camera recording. TalonTSI - Nyce1s - Kenny Cano TalonTSI video is up first...
  4. Mid Atlantic
    MIR track rental at Buds Creek, MD on October 18th (Thursday), all day rental from 9am-5pm hosted by BMW Alliance DMV. $100 per vehicle gets you as many passes as you want. Helmet is required and can rent one at OGRACING in sterling for $35. They will NOT rent at MIR. Please pay via paypal to...
  5. Mid Atlantic
    Hey guys I am wondering how many guys would be interested in a GT-R only track rental at the infamous Maryland International Raceway. First I want to just get a head count then we set a date that will work with everyone who wants in and what works best for Jason at MIR. You can run no time and I...
  6. Drag
    I hear it was the best turnout so far, and there were a couple of R35s running Pretty impresssive qualifying results: http://www.importvsd...ts_11/index.htm I ran 3 years ago, best drag racing event I have been to hands down. I don't know if anyone will ever touch John Shepherd's run a few...
1-6 of 6 Results