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  1. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Considering the original instructions are in Japanese, and are a pain to try and translate, I figured that maybe my install would help anyone else installing these. First, pull out your mirror panel. This is done by first putting your hand in the air vent and pulling up, and then pulling the...
  2. Electronics & A/V Systems
    Coming from the Lexus/Toyota world, I had grown accustomed to the wonderful frameless rearview that my IS had in it. Aesthetics aside, I also was never able to program my garage door to the OEM GT-R's old school Gentrex mirror no matter how hard I tried, and this mirror always seems to be...
  3. Exterior & Interior
    For Sale - Blendmount Escort Max/Max2 Mount Details - Custom made for the GTR. This is coming off of my 2014. Link to new version: Everything included is shown in the pictures. It...
  4. Service & Maintenance
    Hey Everyone, First post. New to the forum. New to the GT-R. Hoping someone out there can help me diagnose my weird mirror issue. I won this car from Speed Society, so it is kind of an "as is" deal, and I doubt they even noticed the problem. Either way, I'm not expecting anyone to fix it for...
  5. WTB
    Wtb driver side visor. Mine cracked somehow. I glued back but it bugs me when I fold down. Anyone have a part out or extra? Let me know. Thanks all.. Dustin 801-879-2335 (text is best)
  6. Service & Maintenance
    Hello, The drivers side mirror on my GT-R is loose and does not automatically fold. I think the question has been asked on here before but the only answer given was take to the dealer or to the body shop. Has anyone here fixed it themselves without buying a new mirror or taking it to a shop? I...
  7. R35 GT-R
    Has anyone replaced their oem mirror with one that has a compass in it. I can use the GPS but I prefer the compass built into the mirror. Looking for another Nissan car's that will interchange. Thanks in advance!
  8. Interior & Exterior
    So a fellow GTR owner showed me his aftermarket rear view mirror. It was something I never thought of and it looked a bit strange at first but then it made sense! It definitely increases rear view visibility, especially with the rear pillar on the car (I think it's called the C pillar?) and...
  9. WTB
    I'm looking for a driver side mirror any color but ideally black. call or text thomas 917-204-7120
  10. GT-R Media
    Hey guys, I just finished my homemade GTR mirror. I painted everything but the GTR logo I used, and the frame. Everything you see that is silver in color is still the original finish on the mirror and reflects just like normal. If you guys want one, I am selling them on this website...
  11. GT-R Media
    Just thought I would start a thread with aftermarket mirrors. Please add if you have some more. Thanks
1-11 of 11 Results