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  1. Canada
    Hey guys ! After a successful trip to TO-area last year ( and another one in Halifax in 2013) done by some GTR R35 owner, I wish to test water and see if other peoples would join in. Since I now own a B8.5 S4, I'm also gathering interest with the Audi community . Right now, I have 3 owner...
  2. Canada
    Here's a video after our first detail on the Veyron in april.. 5 hours later, the car was at the airport ready to take off to Monaco for the GP. Here's part 1: PART 1 Oh là là, que j'avais hâte de vous présenter ce detail ! Tellement d'idées m'ont passé par la tête lors de ce travail. Je...
  3. Canada
    So i'm aware that a similar thread exists but i posted something and nobody ever replied so i figured i'd revive the topic. It's a little early to be posting this but i'm just too excited to wait. I'm going to be getting my '13 gt-r mid june and i was wondering if any montreal owners would be...
1-3 of 3 Results