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  1. Engine
    Hello everyone, First some background. I'm an experienced rebuilder with about 70+ cars under my belt. I am not a competent engine mechanic, only body and minor mechanical work. I just finished rebuilding a wrecked 2013 R35 about a month ago (my dream car). It only had rear end damage (quarter...
  2. GT-R Build Threads
    I couldn't believe I was going to finally purchase my DREAM car. I promised myself that I would keep it stock. It's the excitement of finally having what I really wanted. I was living in Boston, finishing my BS and I purchased my 2014 Black Edition from a dealership in Connecticut, and had it...
  3. Engine
    What do people think is a safe boost in psi for a stock motor. I track regularly and run 14psi with Cobb AP. I have only changed to this tune a month ago. I have aftermarket midpipe and muffler.
  4. WTB
    Looking for COMPLETE Vr38 long block Ideally 100% drop in, but will except motors with no turbos/manifold. Must have engine harness and all primary sensors. Email [email protected] with all offers.
  5. R35 GT-R
    Only the beginning In case you missed it... anddddd one more for good measure ;)
1-6 of 6 Results