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  1. GT-R Build Threads
    Hey everyone, this is Strictly Performance Motorsports bringing you another customers build that we are working on. This car will be daily driven around 900HP and have a 2nd Higher Hp map around 1200HP. Here is the list of parts that we are doing with this car, we know that the turbo setup is...
  2. Europe
    Hey guys, wanted to introduce our shop based in Pasching Austria called Madisma Racing. You can follow us on facebook: We do full builds and also services. Working with high quality tools and parts. We can do full gearbox rebuilds with Dodson...
  3. Transmission & Drivetrain
    Wanted to take sometime and post about Dodsons New Promax, that was officially released this month. I've had the pleasure of building both the sportsman and the Promax with the new alloy piston setup and so far I'm very impressed with the results. The key features on the new Promax go as...
1-3 of 3 Results