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  2. GT-R Ownership
    Been lurking and doing research on this forum for the past few months and am now finally ready to pull the trigger! As stated in the subject heading, I'm hell bent on a 2013 Black/Black Premium, but the pricing has to be MSRP or below. If I can get a great deal below MSRP on a BE model, I may...
  3. GT-R Ownership
    If anyone is interested in a 2013 Premium edition in black for MSRP send me a PM. The salesman that sold me my 2013 called to let me know that this car is available. Dealer is in So Cal. There might be some wiggle room as I was able to get my 2012 for $3K under MSRP last year from this dealer.
  4. California
    Hello, I was wondering if there are still any 2012 GTR's available in SoCal Dealers at MSRP? I have been calling local dealers and discovered that the 2012 are going for 96-97k? Connell Nissan in Costa Mesa has 3 in stock. One 2012 Super Silver with less than 100 miles going for 97k, one 2012...
  5. California
    Hey Guys, I stumbled on this while I was searching craigslist. Check it out! Looks like they are willing to sell it at MSRP! Good luck!
1-5 of 5 Results