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  1. Drag
    Just like the title says, I have a friendly race coming up soon and wanted to know the potential outcome from my fellow gtr owners. I have already asked some local guys but thought i'd ask the rest of you as well! A relative of mine just purchased a 2004 terminator that was already modified by...
  2. Other Vehicles
    The link has details, but basically this pony car redlines at 8250! Comes with 6-speed only. Price is about $50K. I actually don't like Mustangs, but this car sounds like it might be fun to drive. Let the flames begin...
  3. Engine
    Here's are the results on my 2014 FBO on 93 pump: E-Tune (Baseline) vs. PROtune done by Brentuning. Bren was able to get a higher hp/tq but I told him to stay below 600/600 just to be safe. Can't risk transmission issues. Car feels great, definitely feel the difference and mpg has improved...
  4. GT-R Media
    Great marketing on Ford's part
  5. Other Vehicles
    Latest view into the dyno cell: These big V8's sure can pound the ground!
  6. Other Vehicles
    I am looking to bring the level of my Shelby GT500 up a bit to an acutal usable machine. I know virtually nothing about modding mustangs as i've spend all my time researching the GT-R. Going over to the forums for the Shelby is kind of a nightmare, so I was curious if anyone had any input on...
  7. Other Vehicles
    Just joined with a R32 I'm importing when I come back from Japan, figured I'd show my "weekend" car.
  8. Detailing & Cleaning
    We had the honor of detailing this black beauty a couple of weeks ago. We did a full paint correction and also installed full coverage clear bra on the front end. Enjoy the pics Coming into the shop after the initial prep work: And the end result: Beautiful reflections:
  9. GT-R Media
    we had some fun in mexico a stock 2010 GTR vs a stock 2013 GT500 this is at high elevation so the GTR has a little advantage. as you all know Turbo cars dont suffer as much as supercharged cars! and its even worst in N/A cars (I have to live with it everyday on my Z06! it sucks!) No power...
  10. Other Vehicles
    Hey all. I have been floating around this forum for a while now, and its been great to me. I sat back about 6 months ago and told myself I was going to buy a GTR and my mind was set. After talking to a few friends with them and browsing around, I noticed the $/mod was a bit more expensive due...
  11. Texas & South Central
    So I'm heading home from work about 20 minutes ago, going north of 183, right before it turns into the toll road and I hit about 85. Out of nowhere this silver mustang (I'd say about '07) goes roaring past me at 95. I catch up with him, now going roughly 100 and notice there are very faint...
1-12 of 12 Results