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  1. Interior & Exterior
    Way back in 2011, we released the world's first Front Switchback LED Turn Signals (winkers) for the GT-R. "Switchback" is a bit of an ambiguous term for most people, but the gist is that when the headlights or parking lamps are activated, the marker illuminates white. As soon as the turn signal...
  2. Exterior & Interior
    Just in: another shipment of the extremely popular USDM-spec Nismo Gauge Clusters! As the correct MSRP from Nissan USA was recently confirmed by the community (our previous attempts at securing an accurate US MSRP from dealers were unsuccessful), we have adjusted our pricing accordingly, and on...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    We've received quite a few emails and PMs in the last few days with questions regarding the different OEM Nismo Gauge Clusters available. As we've been offering the JDM-Spec clusters since immediately after the Nismo was released in late 2013, people have been asking us questions regarding the...
  4. R35 GT-R
    UPDATE So here is where we appear to be at as of 11/2/2013 -DBA-R35 continues -Introduction of NISMO GTR( Unique Bodywork. Alcantara Interior. Aerodynamics developed by Williams F1. Additional HP near 600*) -JDM price starting at 15,015,000 Yen for NISMO *HP not expected to change for...
  5. R35 GT-R
    "2013 will also see the introduction of a Nismo variant of the GT-R, as well as the latest version of the NismoZ, which is already sold here in the U.S." Interesting ..
1-5 of 5 Results