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  1. Drag
    Took my 2009 GTR to Las Vegas this weekend for some test passes on my new nitrous setup. Only was able to get 3 passes in before being eliminated by a Eagle Talon that ran 8.77. Best pass was [email protected] on M&H Racemaster drag radials. The DA was 5544 feet, it was also 90 degrees when we ran...
  2. Other Vehicles
    Cheap speed! 9 second Nitrous Huracan makes it into the 9s. It races a GT-R as well.
  3. GT-R Media
    Check out this video. The dude in the jeep definitely has a death wish. Though must of us would be in serious danger if we crashed at those spees, I think the guy with no windshield, no roof, no roll cage, no seat belts is beyond screwed. Absolute lunacy
  4. Other Vehicles
    Just joined with a R32 I'm importing when I come back from Japan, figured I'd show my "weekend" car.
  5. GT-R Media
    The S10 is a spray truck that runs high 10's. I guess he got a little excited and stalled it a bit to much and spun. The Firebird is a sleeper underdog that is consistent and does work on the "street". Stock motor, no cam, no spray, etc etc. Pretty fun race that i'm hoping we can maybe run back...
  6. Other Vehicles
    98 Trans Am | SAdesign + Lashway Motorsports Another SAdesign transformation and joint build with our partners at Lashway Motorsports. This car came is with a whole boat load of issues but our customer saw the potential in this beast. We decided to rip the guts outs of this muscle car and give...
  7. GT-R Media
    Hi Guys i hope u will like those photos ^.* More of my GTR photo's :- Location :- in my house :P Regards
1-7 of 7 Results