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  1. California
    Hi, Just curious to see if any GTR guys are local in Sacramento or in the NorCal area in general. Would love to set up a cruise :)
  2. California
    Hi Guys, Just a shout-out to those NorCal GTR owners that's might have missed the event posting on the NorCalGTR FB page : We are having our 3rd annual gathering in conjunction with NorCal GT-R Specialists/Boardwalk Autocenter! Hope everyone can come and join us! Location at: NorCal GT-R...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    FS (Norcal): BNIB Racing Brake XT910 REAR $200 Paypal only, free shipping in lower 48 Never used- Brand new in box, plastic wrapping still on Fits all year GTR 2009- present
  4. Brakes & Suspension
    FS: Racing brake XT960 FRONT USED $250 paypal only. Free shipping to lower 48 Use for one track date. > 90% life Fits all year GTR 2009- present
  5. California
    My gt-r just shipped from florida,, and i was wondering if anyone else lived near the turlock region in CALIFORNIA. the wait is absolutely gonna eat my soul. this is a 2010, with 19,000 miles on it. all service was just performed. 100% stock, just removed rear logo, and clear side markers...
  6. California
    Hey all, Since we have quite a few Peninsula and South Bay owners now I figured we should set up a local meet. Wilson created an event page on FB so here is a thread for the non Facebookers. A lot of our bay area meets are up north or in the east bay so I don't think some of us have a chance...
  7. GT-R Media
    Since the last one was deleted... MORE HERE
  8. Basement Bin
    9 of us decided to do a quick (5 hour) photo shoot on Treasure Island. Enjoy. MORE HERE
  9. R35 GT-R
    The Facts. RD Engineering Built, Visconti Tuned, Customer Driven (Eli aka Blkonblk88). The Build. - RD Engineering Stage 1, 3.8 Liter - RDE Stage 1 cylinder heads, kelford cams - RDE Drag coilovers - AAM Triple Pump Fuel System - AAM 1600R Turbo Kit (35Rs) - AAM Street Intercooler - Shep...
  10. GT-R Media
    Today was our Paul Walker Remembrance meet. Here's some coverage. More photos and Blog here
  11. California
    Ok guys ! It's that time of the year again.. Jason just finalized the date for the 2nd Annual GTR BBQ Meet at San Leandro Nissan!!! It will be on sunday July 28nd. If you think you have enough power, come see -1000+HP AMS Alpha +++, and assorted 600+HP GTR's -JDM body kits and rims...
  12. California
    Just received this by email...enjoy. Price includes Saturday and Sunday race tickets, VIP hospitality with complimentary food and beverage in the Nissan Motorsports chalet on both days, 1 parking pass per order for the Nissan Owner's Car Corral for three days, gift bags and special events...
1-12 of 12 Results