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  1. Texas & South Central
    New to DFW coming from the north. Do people here tend to switch to winter tires of any kind or is it not really necessary? Running on NT05s right now.
  2. Suspension & Tires
    Got a code on a newly purchased GT-R recently: “Front/Rear Tire Size Malfunction”, with the AWD light flashing. Turned off upon car restart. I drove it about 300 miles before the light came on. Running NTO5’s 275/35zr20 Front 315/35zr20 Rear, which upon research I found out is a big no-no for...
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Up For Sale is Magnesium Blue Gram Lights 57XX with Nitto NT05 tires for $2000 shipped. I bought the wheels from James @ Vivid Racing in November 2014. Here are the specs: (F) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x10 +30 with Nitto NT05 275/40/20 tires (R) Gram Lights 57FXX 20x11 +18 with Nitto NT05 315/35/20...
  4. Suspension & Tires
    I'm looking at set of 20" aftermarket wheels which will run 20x10 and 20x12 and be used on a daily driver with occasional drag strip use. I've read TONS of posts on this board and others as well as general reviews regarding tire setups, pro's and con's, the whole 9. What I'm hoping to get out...
  5. West
    If anyone is interested, Im selling my rear drag radial and wheel setup, paid over 1,200 new for this setup and they only these only have around 200-300 miles total and around 8-10 drag passes on them. Asking $850 picked up for the rear wheels & tires (will not separate) 315/40/18 NT05r rears...
1-5 of 5 Results