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  1. Drag
    Car is a 2011 stock motor/tranny with the following... Intake: USM Turbos Boost Logic FMIC Boost Logic 3" Non-Recirculating Turbo Inlet Pipes GotBoost 3" Wrinkle Black Intakes GotBoost 3" IC Piping Kit GotBoost Catch Can Kit Tial BOVs Exhaust: AMS Down Pipes HKS...
  2. R35 GT-R
    maybe i missed the memo but looking over the sales numbers, seems like the 2010 model year sold the least? was it because of the scare over the transmissions blowing up? i'm only asking because mine is a 2010. any factual ideas? ***goodness, i can't spell "why" in the title.
  3. Engine
    I'll be adding all my dyno numbers with the supporting mods just for general reference. Hope this helps. Car: 2014 Black Edition Location: Boston 330 feet 1. Mustang Dyno, pump gas 93 Alpha 90mm catless downpipes Cobb 90mm catted y-pipes HKS Legamax Sakura 3" intake Asnu 1100cc COBB...
  4. R35 GT-R
    Does anyone know where to find information regarding production numbers by color and model GTR? I understand the Black Editions are appx only 30% of the annual production numbers? What about colors? Is there more of one color than another? Thank you
  5. Wheels
    Here is some info for those that ever need it....... NickTo also has some good info for TPMS on his blog...... If your needing a replacement TPMS or a new set for some aftermarket is the part numbers I came up with so far...... Nissan 40700-JA01B Nissan 40700-JA10C Nissan...
1-5 of 5 Results